Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heartfelt Messages From Home

After a word of encouragement from acting mentor Clint Brink the housemates traipsed into the world with a spring in their step. Biggie then showered them with his finest proudly African playlist which sent their spirits soaring into the day ahead with zeal. The mood was indeed sky high and care free this morning; a stark contrast to last week’s troubled atmosphere. We reckon it had something to do with family members coming in for some positive re-enforcement.

Over the course of the week some of the housemates had been lucky enough to be treated to a visit from family members. After weeks petitioning at Biggie's door for messages from home he finally made it happen. But Biggie liked to challenge housemates, never merely giving in to their every whim.

He raised the stakes in the beginning of this week by attaching value to the freeze task. An amount would be deducted from the final prize money should housemates moved during their freeze task.

This was Biggie's way of testing the housemates. Upon calling all to freeze he proceeded to usher in their family members. As tough a job as it was to refrain from hugging and kissing their loved ones when they entered the house housemates simply had to hold it all back, for the sake of the final big bucks.

So far Nhlanhla's younger brother was first to come in while he lay on the couch lazing about with Goitse across the room from him. He later admitted to Biggie that all he wanted to do was leap onto him and hug his sibling silly, he missed him so much. M’am Bea was next and her father’s words of encouragement brought her to tears.

Sheillah and JJ got their comeuppance with her cousin make her entrance alongside JJ’s dad. Sheillah also lost her nerve while JJ gave his father a profound wink of the eye, the way a proud son does. 

Butterphly's mother also came in and gave all a vote of confidence before treating her daughter to an intimate and honest moment. The peaceful presence of her mother washed over her making her think twice about her behaviour just as a parent should do.

As Biggie once again, summoned the Hotshots to stop and freeze, we all had our suspicions about what was to come. This moment really caught housemates at their knees and as their hearts raced in anticipation, Idris’ mother walked through the doors. She gave him a message from home as he stood as still as a statue, startled to see his mother walk through Biggie's shiny doors.

As she entered the house she was greeted by her son and swiftly got it, encouraging him to carry on strong and fly the flag of Tanzania with pride but most importantly she warned, as a parent would, that he better behave himself. She seemed to remind him of this in his own language and idiom which hit home with the lad.

Although there were no tears here he was certainly affected by the short visit from mum, apparently even more than the others when their families came in. He's was more of a conflicted reaction.

Things became clearer in his diary session as he unpacked his shaky feelings about the whole moment. While his mother wasn't at all confrontational he picked up the sense that she wasn't pleased with him all the way. Why would she feel the need to remind him to behave himself? In a nutshell, the message she conveyed was based on an old proverb that said beauty isn’t always the best thing for one.

Wracking his brain he applied this to his current situation with Ellah because she was after all the beauty in his life right now. He started to worry about how their relationship – and specifically he – seemed to world. He suggested to Figgie that while he cares for Ellah he's never quite felt the same as he did for Goitse. He also worried that Ellah was a bit of a busy bee and it reflected badly on both of their intentions.

In the end the housemates were learning that home was indeed where their hearts were.


  1. Idris is just a confused 21 year old boy.You are jeopardising your chances of winning this game coz neither Ellahs country nor Goitse's contry will support you even if they wanted to.Grow up and forcus on your game.These alz are older than you and way too much for you.Dont say i didnt advise