Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Helping Out

Biggie sounded his bell early this morning and one of  the usual early birds, JJ, tossed and turned back into sleep. Tayo and Leonel got out of bed and began their day. Housemates were all sound asleep and most slept through the waking hour. M'am Bea lay awake in bed, seemingly uninspired to get on with her morning ritual but soon left for the kitchen, joined by Sulu.

M'am Bea had said that she would miss Mr. 265, otherwise known as Mr. Numbers, whom they often worked with in the kitchen. Today it seemed as though a new Mr. Numbers had joined M'am Bea in the kitchen. Sulu showed himself to be a fitting replacement of Mr. 265 in the kitchen.

Sheillah was drawn out of bed by Biggie's voice who summoned her to the diary room. Nhlanhla got up and went along with her to the diary room, as they were chained to each other - as per their punishment for not having their microphones on and talking in hushed tones.  Elikem told them that they now didn’t need an excuse to be together and Nhlanhla retorted, saying that they never needed one. Nhlanhla rattled the bells on their chain, saying that everyone should wake up since he was up as well. Such bully tendencies!

Sheillah went about changing the batteries on everyone's microphone and some housemates woke up from the noise their chain made.  Sulu was soon up and out of bed, asking  M'am Bea for washing powder. Perhaps the Zambian ex-housemate had some laundry to start on in the morning.

The day had started for Sheillah and Nhlanhla as Sheillah made their bed. Leonel told M’am Bea that he was hungry and the Ghanaian lady promised to prepare him something and went to the kitchen to prepare noodles for him.

It was the third day since the exes had been in the house and with the presentation due in the evening, we wondered how the day would turn out. Would we see some work and commitment put into the presentation and would the 100% wager be won?