Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hostile Invasion

The old hats indeed succeeded in turning the house upside down. This was the most unleashed the house had ever been. After weeks of peace, quiet and composure the ex-housemates came on brief and exceeded expectations. It was one staged altercation after the other last night; we reckon they even got themselves confused.

Butterphly even said that she may not be fans of all her fellow Hotshots  but she was rooting for their group in a house that was being invaded by "vultures". She and Ellah were having a tough time adjusting to the madness. So much for Butterphly's luck these ex-housemates were extremely more physical than she'd ever imagined nor was comfortable with. Leonel and Miss P ambushed her in a bid to get her to loosen up but really, according to her, all they did was rudely invade her personal space. Miss P offered a meek apology which she quickly dismissed.

The party then moved to the living area where the ex-housemates looked for more poor Hotshots to wind up. They found themselves at Nhlanhla and Sheillah's door step where they wreaked even more havoc and caused drama as the house was their stage.

The chaos seemed to follow Elikem who flew up and down the house throwing insults everywhere and at the top of his voice. He and Miss P agreed to stage a rivalry of sorts where they showcased their dislike for one another.

It wasn't long before Natasha and Leonel joined in the fun with Leonel tipping that scale over. After raving and ranting about the house he took explicit jibes at almost everyone. He them launched into a drunken spree out-rightly looking to cause trouble. When Ellah found herself at the wrong place (next to him) at the wrong time (during his insobriety) she fell victim to his antics as he showered her with his puke.

The house as they (Hotshots) knew it was no more, it was a now a psychological battle field, but it looked like some were arming themselves and shining their game faces in order to don them when the moment presented itself. Do you believe it was all staged?


  1. this Sulu is so annoying ahhh he likes attention. ......Luclay & Nhlanhla my home boys

  2. Imagine how idris cope with fake HMs. Looks like them.