Saturday, November 15, 2014

Housemates Get A Scolding

Figgie continues to shock and amuse. Once again housemates needed a reminder that this was Biggie's house – albeit taken up by Figgie for the time being. They had to stick to the rules. This meant cleaning up after themselves and keeping the house in good and sound order. By the tardy looks of things this was a little fact that slipped their minds.

Not one to miss a beat Figgie was only glad to pulled out her belt and whipped the lazy bunch into sharp shape. Housemates could not believe their ears as Figgie went on a right rant about how embarrassing they were and called them "dirty people".  But the gutsy gal had an important point to make; cleanliness is next to godliness. The state of the house was indeed shameful. How could the housemates present themselves to their world as Hotshots when their abodes, in the background, were an utter piling pigsty?

Figgie certainly didn't spare the rod on this misbehaviour. She called out each and every housemate to stop, drop what they were doing and clean up. Mister-know-it-all Nhlanhla stood in the kitchen (his favourite place in world) with his arms folded while the rest shuffled about picking up the filth and clearing the dust. Figgie told him, or rather barked the same orders at him, singling him out for regarding himself so highly while his fellow campers threw out the trash and tidied up.

Nhlanhla got a harsh back-hand from Figgie but the more important lesson that yet again, the housemates had to learn was to treat their living area with care if they wanted to be taken seriously.

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