Thursday, November 06, 2014

"I Had To Leave The Show To Save My Family" - Kacey Moore

Kacey Moore, one of Ghana's representatives in the ongoing Big Brother Hotshots reality show says he had to leave the show to save his family.

The Ghanaian was among three housemates - Arthur from Rwanda and Namibia's Luis who were evicted during Sunday night's eviction show after 28 days in the competition.

Kacey Moore, born Desmond Aidoo Amoah, and Beatrice Maame Adwoa Boabeng Oppong (M'am Bea) were selected to represent Ghana through a special audition in South Africa.

Organizers of the 91-day reality show, Endemol selected representatives for Ghana in South Africa due to challenges with visa acquisition by the four Ghanaians selected in the Accra auditions.

Kacey Moore speaking in an interview with from Johannesburg South Africa revealed he badly wanted to leave the Big Brother house to save his family.

Family first:

According to him, he cried a lot in the Big Brother house because he was dealing with a lot of pressure from within and outside the reality show.

He revealed that, he "was dealing with a lot of pressure. If you watch the show, you will realize that I was the go-to guy, everybody came to dump their stories on me – sad stories, issues that they needed help with and I was always advising people and I got drained by that. In the natural environment outside the house, I don't get that much people coming to me in a day."

"I cried sometimes in the house not because I was feeling pity for me, I cried because of the stories that were in me and the only way to let them out was to cry. I knew that I was supposed to stay in the house but at one point, I couldn't take it I was breaking.

"If you are married, there is spiritual connection that is not physical and when something is happening to your partner you feel it. I was at that point I felt that something was going wrong in my house and the house is more important to me than $300,000. So when I started talking and saying 'I don't care I want to go home' I meant it," Kacey Moore added.

After being away from his family for four weeks, the father of one said on Sunday night, he "was the happiest man in this world when I was evicted because I came home and I saw that if I had stayed a week more in that house my family would have been messed up, my wife would have been broken because she couldn't stand what she was seeing although what she was seeing was not exactly what it was I had to come out a save my marriage."

Never been a fan of Big Brother Africa:

Interestingly, the 29-year-old Ghanaian has never been a fan of the Big Brother Africa reality show which is rated as the biggest reality show on the continent.

According to him, he never watched it but his wife, who was addicted to it, fed him with information about it from time to time.

"When I got the brief, I thought I was going to go perform at the [the Big Brother Africa] live show and then when they sent me more details I realized I had to audition and my first impressions were I’m not going to do this because I’m married and we know what goes on in the house," but he decided to audition after thinking about the exposure and money.

100% Ghanaian:

With the drama that preceded this year's show and selection process, Kacey Moore said he read a lot of comments and stories about the fact that the selected candidates to represent that country are not 'Ghanaians'.

After the comments and stories, "the impression I got was he is not from here, he lives in South Africa so that makes him less of a Ghanaian that was the impression I went into the house with."

"I'm a 100% Ghanaian, I've only been overseas for about eight years. I speak my language very well and when I got in the house, I was there as Kacey Moore the Ghanaian, I didn’t go there as a Ghanaian called Kacey Moore. I'm a Ghanaian and I don't have to act a Ghanaian," he stressed.

Asked if he thinks he has failed the country, the poet thinks otherwise and rather put the blame on people who "did not understand me. They did not understand Kacey Moore. They expected a 'Ghanaian' ...first of all there was the idea that he is not from Ghana, he is a Nigerian and they just put him there and said he is Ghanaian."

He observed that people were expecting him to live and behave in a certain way that he wasn't: "I couldn’t do that...I was not ready to go and become something else for $300,000."

Life after Big Brother Africa:

For Kacey Moore, although he has been evicted from the Big Brother Africa reality show, the endless opportunities the show has provided are what he is going to tap into to build his future and career.

He revealed that he will continue writing poems and performing, saying he knows there are a lot of prospects in Ghana that he is ready to tap into.

Ghana's chances in Hotshots:

With Kacey Moore out of the reality show, Ghana's chances of winning the reality show for the first time now rests with M'am Bea.

He believes that the remaining Ghanaian representative stands a chance of winning the Hotshots if she keeps her composure.

"M'am Bea has a chance if her being calm is anything to go by, I think it can get her far. I believe, I pray and hope that she wins so that at least somebody can redeem the failure [that has bedeviled] Ghana [in the reality show]."

Even though he is no longer in the show, Kacey promised that he will start a campaign for M'am Bea to win.

By Ernest Dela Aglanu /


  1. uhu, this dude thou, last time he said he wants Ella to win, now this. mxm

  2. D day he was evicted he want Ellah to win, now mambe

  3. The guy is somethin else,now he claims not to hv known the show,frustrated man talking..

  4. KC is covering up his eviction with this story .
    Thank God he left at the right time and thanks to Nigeria for not voting for him. At least his family is still intact. Best of luck KC

  5. this guy is not consistent at all he is a complete comedian and a joker. first u said u wish ella to win now u say mambea and u knw u cant stay away from ur family for long so why did u go to the show which u knw is taking three month when other people are lookin for this one time opportunity.kc u are inconsistence,selfish ,unfaithful and stupid guy...