Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Idris And His Five Women

It must have been something in the cosy weather as M'am Bea found her spot next to her little brother Idris. The topic, but of course, was love and Idris' relationship to five women in the house; the five women that were closest to him.

Moments before, he could be seen flirting his life away on the couch with the gorgeous Ellah, as he usually does. Later on when the belle walked off with Idris enjoying the view, M'am Bea caught him and teased him about his "travelling eyes".

She then sat down with the young buck and discussed the birds and the bees. It was clear that there was some chemistry between Idris and Ellah but what M’am Bea wanted to know was what his intentions were with her.

While he was attracted to her – and for as long as she was lapping up his attention – he didn't see anything wrong with their harmless, albeit heated flirting. M'am Bea then joked that “Stella” had better step off of her territory! But on a serious note, the way she saw it he was falling for the beauty queen.

She then broke it down for him his relationships to five women inside the house namely Ellah, Goitse, Butterphly, Samantha and of course M'am Bea herself.

According to her Idris was attracted to Ellah to the point of distraction. He was also attached to their repartee and ongoing flirting and when he saw the Ugandan beauty queen it was all beatific. Goitse, on the other hand, was the one that got away, things ended bad between them, and because of that theirs was an estranged relationship. He confessed he would always have a soft spot for her but things were now decidedly hostile between the two.

Butterphly was his buddy and partner in laughter. They often shared a barrel of laughs and took jibes at each other all in the name of fun as there was plenty of love there. Samantha was he's older more mature lady friend whose company brought the best out of him. And finally M'am Bea herself played the motherly role or that of a big sister who took it upon himself to put Idris in line.            

The friends carried on chatting with affection and abandon like old friends. But could M'am Bea have planted a seed in Idris about Ellah? Could there be a future there? Do you agree with M'am Bea's observations?     


  1. King Swati D 3rd,u are 2 young to hv 5wivies ooo,be warned else u wl be soon gone

  2. idris is funnuy and young .you go boy .zimbabwe is behind you

  3. Soon the game will be playing him

  4. Leave Idris alone let him play his game and stop being jealous.

  5. Hes going home soon; playing ladies is not ryt

  6. Who is going home? You are mad! Lets go Idris.