Monday, November 03, 2014

Idris Wins Head Of House Task

The qualifier for the Head of House task was titled Feed the Monster. Housemates were told to line up behind a throwing line at Big Brother's command. They were then instructed to throw a Frisbee into a constructed monster's open mouth. Each housemate got three turns, with each turn starting at the sound of a buzzer. All the housemates who successfully tossed the Frisbee into the monster's mouth three times, qualified for the next round.

Only four people were allowed to qualify for the chance to compete for Head of House. There were plenty of misses and some interesting throwing methods. Butterphly, Idris and Ellah were the only housemates to get Frisbees through the monster's mouth, and none of them managed it three times. Realising how difficult the task actually was, Big Brother kindly offered all the housemates another chance, with the previous round rendered null and void.

During the do-over, Nhlanhla, Mr. 265, Macky2, Tayo, Frankie, Idris and Butterphly managed to feed the monster a few times. Frankie was the first to qualify for the Head of House task with two throws, and the housemates who had managed to throw the Frisbee into the monster's mouth once had to go through another round.

In a final, nail-biting round, only Nhlanhla, Mr. 265 and Idris emerged victorious, joining Frankie for chance to compete for Head of House.

The qualifying housemates – Mr. 265, Frankie, Nhlanhla and Idris – were to take part in the Ghandour Putt-Putt Golf Course Tournament for the Head of House task. In the garden, the ninjas supplied housemates with Ghandour-branded T-shirts which housemates all pulled on. The qualifiers each received a golf club and ball, while the other housemates became spectators.

At the sound of the alarm the tournament started. The aim was to putt the ball from the start line, past all the obstacles and sink it into the hole at the end. The player with the lowest handicap, in other words the person who hit the ball the least amount of times from start to finish, would be the Head of House winner.

Nhlanhla was up first, followed by Frankie. Next up was Mr. 265 and finally Idris.They all started well, but struggled when it came to sinking the ball - it was certainly a tricky putt. However, they all got it in. Housemates were whispering in the background, delivering commentary and clapping afterwards, making it feel like an actual golf tournament. But there could be only one golf champion and it was Idris. Who do you think Idris will add in tonight's nomination show?