Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Intense Workout

Trezagah woke up early and started on the kitchen, washing dishes and cleaning the general area. The sound of the morning bell found him well awake as the rest of the housemate struggled to get out of bed. Guy, the exercise instructor of the day, got into a quiet house and immediately went to rouse housemates from their sleep.

Trezagah was well awake and even suggested that his fellow housemates were lazy today. Guy loitered in the lounge area as he waited for the hotshots. And did they just delay in joining the party! JJ and Butterphly stayed on in bed but Guy was not having it and went to pull them out of bed and would not begin his session without them.

Macky2 was also handy as Head of House as he motivated everyone to join in on the morning session. Guy set them off to a gruelling exercise session where they had to squat and jump simultaneously. He called each by name when he saw them slacking.

The morning session surely exhausted the hotshots as they breathed heavily and gasped for air. JJ stayed in bed and Sheillah sat on the couch most of the time whilst the rest of the housemates carried out their exercise.

The day started off on a high as Guy pushed the housemates to endure a tough morning exercise that shook them out of their sleep from the very beginning with the warm up session.

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