Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It's Love At First Sight

There is something intriguing about Macky2, something that posits the Zambian rapper in the tall, dark and mysterious class of people. Well at least this is how Sipe sees it. The foxy gal from Malawi had done a good job keeping a lid on her crush but it looks like she's ready to let her guards down.

What else was a girl to do when Macky2 seemed to be melting her heart by the second with his reserve?

This morning she did her bed, pulled herself together and painted her lips pink for the mission ahead. She approached Macky2, in his usually reserved pose, and struck a conversation around their friendship.

She expressed that he found it difficult to read him and felt she was often short with her, dealing with her only at a distance to which he responded by assuring her it wasn't so and that from now on he would do what it takes make her feel safe around him.

Over the weeks Sipe was like a lioness who, having spotted her beau, was taking her time to lure him in. Never one to seem forward – expect of course for a glass of bubbly – she laid a low profile, scouting out the objects of her affection in secret and playing her cards close to her chest.

While she's had many conversations with recently evicted housemate Arthur it was coming out that Macky2 was the actual keeper of her heart, inside the house anyways. She always dropped a compliment or two Macky2's way without giving away too many signs and also hinted that it was love at first sight.

We always knew that Sipe was a woman with a plan because that kind of approach, that kind of baiting took only the finest kind of skill. Makes us wonder how she's applying her calculating mind to the game at large. 

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