Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's Up To Africa

Eviction nominees headed to the diary room for what could probably be the last session with Biggie for one or more of them. It was a good thing Big Brother was back, because it meant that whoever does not return got a chance to say goodbye.

First in was Macky2, who said there was a bit of tension in the house, because there was concern over who had been added to the nomination list. As for himself, he was doing well. Having been saved three times, he was confident about tonight, rating his security at 80%. He told Biggie he thought Mr. 265 was his biggest competition, because the other nominees that he knew about had not been tested in the same way.

Idris came into the diary room with no expectations. He said he was preparing for disappointment and survival, and on a scale of one to ten of confidence for his survival, he gave himself a seven. Telling Biggie he had been himself, he felt that was what Africa deserved. However if he had to leave he would miss the routines of the house, but especially the people. The first thing he would do when he got home would be to trawl through the Internet to see how Africa had perceived him.

Feeling that anything could happen, Mr. 265 said tonight was up to Africa; just because he had been saved before did not make him feel that he would necessarily be saved again. If he had to choose someone else, besides himself, to stay it would be Macky2. He thanked Africa and could not resist telling Biggie that he had enjoyed the time with Figgie too.

Goitse told Big Brother that knowing she had been nominated in advance had been both easy and difficult. She had been uneasy not knowing whom she would be up against, but knowing that she was up before everyone else gave her more time to adjust to the idea.

The eviction show is less than two hours away. Who do you think will stay and who will go? Stay tuned to find out.


  1. Sam and 265 are going home tonight

  2. 265 and Goitse will be evicted tonight. Trust me.

  3. I know macky 2 and idris are staying, but I don't know who's leaving

  4. the show is encouraging hate and ununited continent steered by all production scrue pleas review your production demoralization and discouraging those children is not fair stop being biase