Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jacuzzi Moment

Housemates decided to get into the Jacuzzi for some fun time and engaged in relaxed conversation. Not all the housemates joined in the warm and foamy water but it sure looked like the place to be!

Nhlanhla, Sipe and Goitse stayed in the kitchen and resorted to chatting and hoped that no drama came from the bonding session in the Jacuzzi. Macky2 and Sheillah also stayed away from the Jacuzzi.

JJ and Trezagah started things off in the Jacuzzi and got the rest of the housemates interested in joining in on the fun. Soon the housemates were happily smiling in bubbling warm water and had fun talking to each other and playing. Even Butterphly let loose and pulled off her clothes and climbed into the water.

Nominated housemates were not wallowing in their worries of being up for possible eviction tomorrow and as they held conversations with each other. Sheillah was nowhere to be seen and perhaps she was letting her nomination get the better of her.

Macky2, Head of House, lay on the couch and fell asleep! Was the week a gruelling one for the rapper? Or was he also getting anxious about the prospects of Sunday?


  1. I don't like the idea of regional stuffs in BBA.and I don't like the fact that liberia and sierra leone votes get included in the rest of africa votes.why is west africa jus ghana and nigeria?sadc have zim zambia bots sa namibia malawi etc.east africa has tanzania kenya uganda rwanda and so on..since they re making bba based on region,liberia and sierraleone shld be part of west africa pls.if tayo goes home 2day it won't be a fair game @ all

    1. In order not to be included in the rest of Africa you have to send a rep! Sierra leone and Liberia do not have a rep in this season!

  2. U are right Miss North d Voting system need to be changed dia must be equal representative in regional voting......... dat is North 4 rep in voting,North,South and system is making lt easy for some countries to gang up aganist favorite candidate. From Ephem