Monday, November 17, 2014

Juggling Fun

This is Circus and Magic week and today the housemates were going to learn just how much of a juggling act it all is. Stefan Swanepoel, a man with the most adept hand and eye co-ordination, was invited into the house to give the housemates lessons in juggling rings, clubs, balls and more. The technique was basic but got harder the more objects were added.

For this particular circus – party - trick housemates needed to loosen their limbs and flow with the light-weighted motion of the object being flung up and down. While Tayo, Ellah and JJ took almost naturally to the rest lagged a little behind with their ambidexterity.

All however, showed great commitment to picking up the new trick in order to enhance their upcoming presentation.

In the past members of the circus were considered outcasts in a community. All the jugglers, stilt-walkers, clowns and contortionists found home in the circus where they could showcase their weird and wacky talents for entertainment. Some of the origins of the craft date back to ancient Egyptian civilisation where women jugglers were found amongst acrobats and dancers in one of the tomb's wall paintings and hieroglyphics.

Housemates were to make sure they pay attention to the details. But also remember that the circus is all about fun and entertainment so all practice and no play would make theirs a dull circus.

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