Saturday, November 08, 2014

Just The Two Of Us

Idris told Samantha that it was difficult for him to be head-set on winning because whilst he wanted his team to win, he did not want her team to lose the Extravaganza, for the simple reason that it would mean that she would be up for nomination. Samantha advised him to do what he needed to do to ensure his team a win and said that she would deal with another loss if she had to.

Samantha has always been in a losing team since she came into the house. With each Extravaganza loss, she has been up for nomination and luckily, has never been up for possible eviction. Her second loss upset her a great deal and by the third loss, she had learnt to deal with reality.

Whilst in bed together and ever so cosy, she plucked out something from Idris' nose and as he wimped from pain, the two strengthened their bond when Idris communicated his complex feelings towards desiring to win the Extravaganza.

It was clear that the two had developed a strong bond and as they would occasionally flirt. Idris did not want to have Samantha leave the house and Samantha shared the same feeling.

Soon after both teams had concluded their final rehearsals on the set stage, housemates began dressing up and getting their make-up done.

The Extravaganza presents another challenge and alterations to relationships in the house as it determines who gets put up for nominations and possible eviction.


  1. orunmila will send his friend SANGO between the two of you pretty soon, mark my words.

  2. These two are really good friends, with a house filled with tension, who doesn't need avshoulder to lean on?! JJ should be able to handle it.