Monday, November 17, 2014

Kacey Moore Says He Was Jealous Of Idris Kissing Ellah

Ghana's evicted Big Brother Hotshots rep, Kacey Moore on Friday morning faced the Ghanaian press at a conference in Accra to answer questions on his stay in the  Big Brother House and other matters arising.

Answering questions from his teary moments to his 'unusual' relationship with Ellah, Kacey said that he was happy with his Big Brother stint because he was able to send his message across.

The crusader of African Unity said that once he was able to perform his poem 'Xenophobia in Pretoria' on the show, for  over 30million viewers, he was fulfilled and ready to leave the house.

He also reveled that the South African press took up the issue and that has been the basis for many of his post BBA interviews. He also revealed that the poem had sparked some more xenophobic comments on social media.

But for the Ghanaian press, Kacey's relationship with Ellah seemed to be more of an issue for them. On how he felt when Idris kissed Ellah a few days after his exit from the house, Kacey said, "when it happened, my wife looked at me and laughed. I must say I was a little  jealous."

In the short video below, Kacey talks about Xenophobia in SA. Watch it.

By Ameyaw Debrah

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