Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lap Dancing For The Ladies

With resident burlesque-queen Butterphly set to preform her final lap dance in lieu of her punishment Biggie decided it was only fair that the rest of the housemates join in in all that racy, sexy kind of fun. The guys were to reciprocate all of "Butti's" hard work by giving the ladies a saucy lap dance, for a special reward.

Saving the best for last Butterphly gifted her pal Idris with the finest of her swirly-twirly moves. Whether fed up or glad to hang up her wings and things that gal sure gave it her all, and then some. Comfortable with one another the pair had themselves a hoot as Butterphly tore his shirt asunder and stroked his ripped torso up and down. Idris certainly enjoyed it every little bit.

Then it was time for Lady Butterphly to get her just deserts, and boy was that desert the sweetest! She simply had to share it. The girls fumbled over themselves for a front row seat at this premium strip show. A beast was unleashed as the boys flung their shirts off  and swayed to the sound of the girls wailing and falling over themselves witless.

Idris chose Ellah who just lapped him up like a little pup while M'am Bea was lucky enough to command the sizzling attention of Tayo, who we must admit, stood or rather danced head and shoulders above the rest.

When Nhlanhla whipped out some baby oil to accompany his suggestive moves it was anyone's wonder how he came ever so prepared? Where had he been hiding all this talent? Sadly he steered and shimmied as far away from Sheillah as he could which was a damn shame. But not to be dimmed Sheillah enjoyed a triple decker cocktail of a lap dance from Macky2, Mr. 265 and Trezagah. She was not complaining.

This was all in the name of much needed flirty fun for the housemates, Biggie and the viewers. This bunch deserved that special reward for being fabulous sports.

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