Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Last Warning

Not long after the today's freeze task, Biggie returned and called all the housemates to the lounge. Hotshots were uncertain about what that they were being called but Biggie soon cleared things up. He cautioned them against cheating in the "freeze" task.

It was evident that he was referring to the most recent "freeze" task that saw midgets entering the house. Most of the housemates closed their eyes and others gave off small reactions that they thought would go unnoticed. Goitse cried from fear (of the small people) and later admitted to have shut her eyes as soon as she noticed the three midgets that entered the house. Sipe dropped onto the floor at the sound of Biggie's voice.

Biggie warned the housemates about cheating during the "freeze" task. He sternly reminded them that they were to freeze immediately in motion when the freeze task was announced. He further explained that this meant that they could not close their eyes, bow their heads or cover their faces. The mentioned actions were deemed as rule transgressions and warranted a punishment.

Big Brother also reminded the housemates that any reactions to the "freeze" task would result in severe consequences and may lead to automatic nomination.

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