Sunday, November 23, 2014

Last Words

The time had come for nomination diary sessions and after a week of tough competition Biggie gave all a chance to give their acceptance speeches – or if not these then their he gave them their last chance to woo the continent. The diary room is often a positive space in which the housemates were able to share their innermost thoughts with Biggie there to uplift them because the game was not for sissies.

First up was Goitse who felt that her competition, outside of her country mates, was ex-housemate Elikem simply because he was a strong character. She reckoned more people were set to hit the road at this evening's evictions as she guessed a record breaking twelve evictees.

Her country mate Miss P was next in and she confessed she was mentally exhausted after all the work they put in. She thanked Biggie for the opportunity and platform to showcase her brand and acting skills. We had to congratulate the ex-housemate from the Big Brother Amplified season because she certainly put on the performance of her life with all the scheming and riling up. She pointed out her favourites as her country mates Sheillah and Goitse for the simple reason that they were from the same country.

This was curious seen as she couldn't wait to crack their game plans on her arrival.

Nhlanhla was someone who combusted inwardly towards the end. He was always used to playing the puppet master so being a puppet this week rendered him somewhat insecure and helpless. He told Biggie that in the end their interaction with the ex-housemates made them bigger fans as there was a lot to learn from them; in and amongst the psychological war fare.

He concluded that all is fair in love and war and commended Vimbai for her seasoned and forthright attitude and Natasha who he reckoned a skilled player with a lot of insight. She had the ability to make people comfortable with her and play the game with an edge but without resorting to underhandedness. This, for him, made her a dangerous competitor.

Butterphly admitted to Biggie that she woke up with a heavy heart as the realisation that she might be headed home sunk in. Although excited to see what might happen tonight she admitted she was shaken. She also confessed that she was warming up to the exes and open to learning more from them. She and JJ were beginning to see that Vimbai was not too shabby a person and that she was actually looking out for them in her own twisted way.

The exes had staged quite a takeover. We can't wait to see their reactions tonight at the news that this was all Biggie's version of a prank!

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