Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Learning From The Best

In the spirit of all things foodie Biggie was committed to introducing housemates to the ins and outs of the food industry. While the love of eating food is universal there is a whole world behind food preparation. Cooking is really a creative art but the root of creativity is technique and skill and housemates needed to understand that preparation follows successful performance in kitchen.

For this purpose Biggie invited restaurateur and formidable South African chef James Diack to show the housemates just how the professional do it. Foodies like Nhlanhla and M'am Bea and other housemates were captivated as the top chef took them through a demonstration of how to prepare various dishes in the most effective way. He also imparted the notion that fresh produce and considered ingredients were key in developing a quality cuisine.

It was thus important to be versed in of various kinds of foods in order to use them to your creative advantage to build flavour.

He sprawled some chunky and yummy ricotta cheese on a bed of beatific rosy beat root pasta sprinkle with virgin greens all made from scratch. He then sautéed a duck in olive oil and red onion and garnished the oriental dish with fresh herbs. He added a side order of rocket salad with grape fruit as the secret ingredient.

He then let them at it and the housemates fell over themselves for a sumptuous bite of his delicacies.

The "wow" factor is also very necessary in presenting a meal. However, in the end, taste wins the day. As Diack said "You eat with your eye's but you remember with your mouth." so it was important to marry presentation with taste to enhance culinary flow and creativity.

Diack brought a whole new world of insight having opened his own restaurant, Coobs, after years of experience in the food industry. They source their produce from local suppliers and organic farms to create unique Mediterranean style food.

He gave each team pointers in creating their various dishes. She told M'am Bea's team how to make a rich and creamy mushroom sauce while he advised Ellah's team to cut back on all their elements so they can focus on making a good solid offering.

The housemates have certainly learnt from the best. Now we wait for the proof in the pudding? Which team do you reckon is set to cook up a storm?

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