Saturday, November 01, 2014

Live Updates: Day 27

21:10 - Shadow dance extravaganza ends after intense performances from both teams.
20:35 - Team B: Arthur, Ellah, Frankie, Goitse, M'am Bea, Macky2, Nhlanhla, Permithias, Samantha and Trezagah start their Urban themed performance.

20:00 - Extravaganza starts: Team A is on stage performing their Downtown theme. They are: JJ, Butterphly, Idris, Kacey Moore, Luis, Mr. 265, Sheillah, Sipe and Tayo.

19:45 - I5 minutes to show time.

18:40 - Rehearsals are done for both teams. Housemates are now waiting for final presentation.

17:25 - Rehearsal time is over for Team A. They head straight to the kitchen to grab some food as Team B takes the stage.

16:40 - Team A is in the auditorium doing final rehearsals for the extravaganza. Team B waits in the lounge for their turn.

13:20 - Permithias is stung by a bee, he runs to M'am Bea for help.

12:08: -
Sheillah breaks down into tears after being mocked for not knowing Piers Morgan, JJ comforts her, telling her about her talents and all.

11:50 - Teams start rehearsals for tonight's shadow dance/stomp extravaganza.

11:26 - Housemates are relaxing and lazing around after thorough cleaning. Big Brother instructs them to stay in the garden until further notice.

10:15 - After breakfast, Housemates tidy up the house, Mr. 265 cleans the Jacuzzi. Nhlanhla, Arthur and JJ wipe the mirrors. Permithias, Kacey Moore and Ellah water the plants. Others sweep and collect all the rubbish.

09:45 - Housemates showers while others ready themselves for another long day.

09:30 - After the interesting exercise session, Idris hugs Goitse and the pair storm the kitchen to grab some fruits over a conversation, Sheillah joins them shortly.

09:00 - After taking a little too much during the Jameson Halloween party yesterday, Trezagah and Mr.265 retire to their beds before the exercise session ends. Trezagah blames it on the alcohol.

08:40 - It's an interesting exercise session, Idris and Goitse pair up.

08:35 - After a long night, housemates are still dead asleep, the exercise instructor struggles to wake them up.

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