Sunday, November 02, 2014

Live Updates: Day 28

22:15 - Total nominations:
Trezagah - 8
Ellah - 6
Frankie - 5
Nhlanhla - 4
Permithias - 3
Macky2 - 2
Samantha - 2
Goitse - 1
M'am Bea - 1
22:07 - Sheillah nominates Trezagah and Permithias, Sipe nominates Frankie and Nhlanhla, Tayo nominates Samantha and Ellah, lastly Trezagah nominates Ellah and M'am Bea.

21:55 - Nhlanhla nominates Frankie and Trezagah, Permithias nominates Trezagah and Ellah, Samantha nominates Frankie and Trezagah.

21:42 - Mr. 265 nominates Ellah and Nhlanhla, Macky2 nominates Nhlanhla and Ellah, M'am Bea nominates Macky2 and Samantha.
21:34 - Goitse nominates Permithias and Ellah, Idris nominates Frankie and Trezagah, JJ nominates Goitse and Trezagah.

21:10 - Nomination sessions start: Butterphly nominates Trezagah and Permithias, Ellah nominates Frankie and Macky2, Frankie nominates Nhlanhla and Trezagah. 

20:45 - Kacey Moore and Luis have a chat with IK. Kacey says he is the happiest man in the world right now because he's going to see his daughter and wife. Luis says he has to go to Maputo and find his love Mira who was evicted in the first week.

20:40 - Patoranking returns on stage for another performance.

20:36 - Kacey Moore from Ghana and Luis from Namibia are also evicted.

20:32 - IK says 2 more housemates are going to be evicted tonight.

20:27 - Arthur on stage with IK. He says he has been able to show Africa what he's got in terms of talent.

20:22 - The 8th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is: Arthur from Rwanda.

20:20 - JJ reveals that he added Frankie because he feels Frankie has little respect for him as a man.

20:15 - Team A (Downtown Beats) is the winner of last week's extravaganza task.

20:08 - Macky2 is announced winner of last week's star meter as the sneakiest housemate.

20:05 - Highlights of last week's eviction show are shown. Alusa from Kenya and Laveda from Tanzania were evicted.

20:03 - Nigeria's Patoranking steps on stage for a performance.

20:00 - It's show time! Presenter IK kicks off the 4th eviction show introducing ex-housemates Elikem and Annabel who part of tonight's audience and then mentions the week 4 nominees.

19:55 - Housemates gather in the lounge as the show is about to begin.

19:00 - 1 hour to live eviction show.

18:20  - Nominated housemates have their diary sessions with Biggie, they are all proud of how far they have come with the Big Brother Hotshots experience.

15:45 - Big Brother instructs all housemates to pack their bags.

15:30 -
Permithias and JJ leads a jam session.

14:50 -
Idris, Macky2 and Arthur share stories about some their favourite comedians.

14:35 -
Arthur talks about missing his life back home, Sipe and Sheillah caution him to be careful of what he says and wishes for.

12:10  - Shopping has started and the housemates are taking turns to place their orders on the touch screen.

12:05 - Idris and Trezagah are checking out M'am Bea's pictures.

11:25 - JJ confesses to Butterphly that being Head of House took more toll than the tasks inside the house.

11:10 - Kacey Moore opens up to Ellah about being misled by a former partner aroud the paternity of her child.

10:00 - The nominees (Arthur, Kacey Moore, Luis, Mr. 265, Macky2 and Sheillah) look fresh after getting their hair done ahead of tonight's eviction show.

10:40 - Idris and JJ get into an improvised sing along where they take cheap shots at one another, all in the spirit of a friendly poke and a good laugh.

10:32 - Trezagah and Idris are busy making breakfast.

09:21 - Idris confesses that a salary would be great right now but Macky2 shares that as an artist, the last time he got a salary was in 2008.

09:05 - The hair session starts for the nominated housemates.

08:35 - M'am Bea and Mr.265 share some Sunday morning pillow talk while Sheillah and JJ chat about strategies and personalities in the house.

08:00 - Welcome to yet another eviction day on Big Brother Hotshots. Follow all the day's updates on this page.


  1. why is all talented once been evicted, very soon it will remain with only boring people.

  2. This is not africa has got talent,its Bba..

    1. Hahaha! Nice one! Very true

  3. Sad that Kacey has gone, my Ella can now turn to Idris

  4. Team Alisa.its time to do the best for team ella

  5. Ella,dont Worry,team tayo,behind u


  7. Tayo watch out ur tongue this is south Africa if u heard sammy gosping abt u y didn't u ask her, watch out bro

  8. Tayo Africa loves u no matter wot say the truth.we Nija we are fearless. Sammy gud gossipier

  9. I did not like the way Ella carried herself around Kaicey Moore, for that she isn't getting my vote ! For now I am team Trezagar

  10. Team Ellah let's get the ball rolling.what's wrong with man being friends with a woman.don't you have female Ghana is saving ellah

  11. Team Ellah, lets get voting, she didnot do anything wrong, being a friend to Kaycee, marieds have friends too.Luv u Ellah

  12. Ella should march out, she is too boring, same as Trezagah

  13. If Ellah is boring then I wonder what goitse,Mackay2,256,sipe,trezar,butterfly,what entertainment do they give africa.

  14. Samantha has definitely been shown a few times gossiping about Tayo. The other day it was with Idris, were she said she didn't understand why Tayo won the Star meter twice

  15. Why will tayo confront samantha about gossiping about him, when he caught her in the act.

  16. JJ all the way, dnt worry about haters boy, keep your energy and keep the fire burning.

  17. JJ all the way, dnt worry about haters boy, keep your energy and keep the fire burning.