Monday, November 03, 2014

Live Updates: Day 29

20:32 - Big Brother announces that Ellah, Frankie, Nhlanhla, Permithias and Trezagah are up for eviction this week. As Head of House, Idris decides to add Butterphly to the list.
18:45 - Macky2 receives his gift for winning last week's star meter as the sneakiest housemate.

18:29 - Lastly, Nhlanhla tells Big Brother that he is finding what is happening in the house draining and he is exhausted. He says he is going to try play around with Goitse and Sipe this week to create a rift between them so that the game can intensify a bit. 

18:10 -
Samantha feels that she still hasn't won an extravaganza yet but she is good. She says that she was not as sad last night about the evictions as she was in the previous weeks. She also says that Tayo knows exactly what he is doing and she should actually be congratulating him for being good at what he is doing.

18:05 - Butterphly laughs that she was caught napping again. She says her weekend was dope, she loved the DJ on Friday and the presentations on Saturday but it was sad that three people left. She mentions that people say the game is now on but then they relax when a task come up.

17:58 -
Goitse felt they would lose the extravaganza as they were out of time but she had fun on the stage. She says that nominations are becoming personal because they are at the point where people have those people they are really close to yet the numbers are reducing. She feels Ellah is stepping on her toes because she  always throwing comments that she feels intimidated. She however says that she is used to it.

17:45 -
Tayo tells Biggie that he scared and a bit worried because of the new freeze task. He is happy his team won the extravaganza. That there are people he nominates and he doesn't feel bad, sometimes he feels bad because they are friends but it is a game and they have to do it. 

17:39 - Trezagah is sad that he lost his first extravaganza task. He is worried about being nominated. He wishes Idris all the best as Head of House.

17:33 -
Frankie is humbled that he was saved by Africa. That it's unfortunate that they lost the extravaganza though they gave their all. He feels nominations are getting harder everyday and he hopes Idris does his job well.

17:29 - Macky2 is grateful for having been saved for another week. Evictions are getting harder but he just keeps reminding himself that its a game. He says nominations are more of strategic than personal. He feels Tayo is a strong character because he keeps getting gifts from fans saying "he is awesome". He tells Biggie that the freeze task is amazing as it's keeping them alert.

17:21 -
JJ is trying to focus on the tasks and make his people and Africa proud. He is not opening up for people he doesn't know well. He says that he relates to Nhlanhla so much as he finds him kind of related to him. He is also close to Samantha and he says that she is an amazing person.

17:15 -
Permithias feels there's alot of changes going on in the house and people are trying to secure their positions. He realizes that he's the only Namibian left. He also feels Tayo is disrespectful.

17:08 -
Sheillah is going great. She was excited to be in the winning extravaganza team. She is happy to still be in the house and feels the extravaganza task is bringing them closer as they have to work together to win immunity.

16:44 - Big Brother instructs all housemates to freeze! Ninjas enter the house to distract housemates. Butterphly is the first culprit as she was caught sleeping and moved. 

16:42 - Mr. 265 is humbled that Africa felt he deserves another week in the house. Sunday was a game changer for him and he is now going to up his game. He feels this should be a fantastic week for Idris as HoH, not to do too much but also for him to show his maturity.

16:36 -
Sipe says the evictions were emotional 3 talented housemates left at the same time but she was also happy to survive for another week. She feels nominations are not getting personal, she nominates according to who she's least close to. She relates to Goitse more in the house because she's crazy. She reveals that she was attracted to Macky2 and he also felt the same way but after talking it and realising the relationships they left back home, they decided to just stay as friends.

16:25 -
Idris feels great to be HoH. He is planning to put more order in the house during his reign. He is worried about his nomination add, he hopes the housemates he wants to add will not be nominated already so that it's easier for him. He was surprised Luis left but atleast he (Luis) got everything he wanted like love and staying a month in the house.

16:05 - M'am Bea says she was broken and hurt because Kacey Moore left but that's the game. She feels things are getting harder as they are getting fewer but she will just keep on being herself and hope for the best. She finds Macky2 difficult to work with because he is not humble.

15:53 -
Diary sessions start with Ellah. She tells Biggie that seeing Kacey Moore go was supposed to break her but instead it made her stronger. She feels the HoH tasks keep getting more difficult by the week but she's happy that Idris won. She's happy with the freeze game because it's a game changer.

15:05 - Big Brother introduces the "Freeze task." Any time of the day or night he will instruct housemates to freeze. The moment housemates hear Biggie's voice telling them to freeze, they all must remain as they are until he tells them to unfreeze. Any housemate who is caught moving before Biggie gives the unfreeze command will automatically be put for nomination the following week.

14:25 - This week is Comedy week and housemates have wagered 100%. They will have to create comedy skits for presentation on Wednesday. 

13:57 - Idris wins the challenge and is announce the new HoH for this week.

13:40 - A golf challenge starts in the garden to determine the next Head of House.

13:16 - Housemates chit-chat while waiting for final task.

12:57- Nhlanhla, Mr. 265 and Idris qualify for the HoH task, joining Frankie.

12:54 - Frankie qualifies for the HoH task having hit the target twice. Nhlanhla, Butterphly, Mr. 265, Macky2, Tayo and Idris tie and go for another round to determine who qualifies. 

12:38 - The first round is nullified as most housemates fail to hit the target. Biggie gives all housemates another try and the target is moved closer.

12:10 - Housemates gather in the living room and JJ reads out the HoH qualifier task. Only 4 housemates who win the qualifier round will participate in this week's HoH task. 

11:25 - Conversations continue as Housemates wait for the HoH task.

10:35 -
Mr.265, Macky2, Idris and Frankie share a light moment in the bedroom. They chat about singer Sean Kingston's songs.

10:30 - Housemates are told stay in the bedroom until further notice.

09:20 - Permithias sings while in the kitchen.

09:18 - Housemates prepare their usual big breakfast.

09:15 - Permithias is called to the diary room.

09:10 - Goitse is called to the diary room.

09:05 - The boys; Tayo, Macky2, JJ, Idris, Frankie and Trezagah engage in some weight lifting outside.

09:00 - Housemates lazy around, Ma’m Bea hugs Goitse, while Sheillah plays with Nhlanhla‘s hair and beard.

08:55 - The vocal exercise end and RJ Benjamin exits the house.

08:30 - Housemates flex their vocal abilities, Tayo seems to be having the fun of his life.

08:18 - Permithias does a rendition of R.Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly'.

08:15 - Vocal coach RJ Benjamin is back in the house.

07:45 - Early risers Mr.265 and JJ are up tidying up the house.


  1. Biggie thou lmfao dead my d freeze game thought I was dreaming...cnt stop laughing

  2. I know idris will add butterphly. And my gueSs was accurate.

  3. Now JJ at least change your pant, he's been putting on the same inner pant like two weeks now without cjanging.

  4. JJ is crazy! He thinks Idris and Permithias should leave Samantha alone for him!!! Let Samantha separate herself , she isn't married to him or is she?! Cool down Jj and let the young woman explore and decide!

  5. Tanzania let's vote for Permithias, he is the only one who stood with Laveda during her time of disgrace! He was a true friend and not judgmental!

  6. EA. Africa we are saving Ellah and Frankie.