Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Live Updates: Day 30

21:05 - The store room is opened and housemates receive some wine.
20:20 - Housemates are loving the props Big Brother has given them for their latest task.

19:47 -
M'am Bea says the comedy task funny and creative, they will make the most of the instruments and will try to be funny. She's honestly grateful and happy for the opportunity and grateful she has made it this far in the game, the pressure is on and it's not easy so they still have to pull up their socks. She doesn't know if Idris likes Samantha but she believes he likes Goiste because his eyes follow her around. She misses her mother.

19:22 - Idris says that his HoH reign is good just that he's having some bit of friction. About the comedy task he says they are adjusting well, he feels people are thinking fast and by night the music and props should be done. He also feels this is the best time for people to see his other side, that they don't know his sinister side other than the side he's shown them. He thinks now he will gain respect. He mentions that he is just gonna be a pure friend to Samantha because JJ is involved and he is his friend. He also misses his mum.

19:11 -
Permithias is terrified that he's up again. He is building up his broken relationship with Butterphly. He says JJ is having problems understanding the word no. He also says that as much as he is afraid he wants to be the last man standing as they've already taken his boy Luis, so he's got to be strong. He misses his baby sister most and sings for her a song.

18:46 - Sipe says she's doing great and her personality is her humility, that her fellow housemates unfortunately don't see that but she's not bothered, people that don't see are blind. She adds that they always leave certain tasks for people they believe know it all but she doesn't like the monopoly, it's not fair coz she wants to learn everything and believes Biggie plans the tasks for them all. She thinks people are trying to make others like them and she doesn't want that as she feels it depends on the group especially with the extravaganza. She misses her mum most and loves her.

18:33 -
Ellah feels tired and the freeze task is so scary. That she is now finding comfort in the bible, diary room and also remembering what brought her in the house as now she doesn't have Kacey Moore. She is getting closer to M'am Bea. She loves Idris, he is her best friend though she feels like he's cheating on her with his other besties. She says that all girls love Idris, they find comfort in him and they have found themselves sharing him. She misses her mum and seeing her would make her motivated.

18:23 - Goitse tells Biggie that she's having a very horrible day as she has been crying all day. That the whole freezing task isn't working for her and traumatizes her like the crazy. Biggie tells her to learn new things as he never intends to hurt any housemate. About the comedy task, she says people are ready and some are already in their costumes and she too is ready to learn though she is not a comedy person, she doesn't think the wager will be affected as others are helping towards a successful task. She misses her baby nephew Nathan most, that he's her favorite person in the world after her mum.

18:12 -
Mr. 265 is alright, says today is meditation day. The mood in the house is getting into people's personalities and he's taking his time to study all...lots of conversation about the idea housemates. That people are saying stuff like what Africa expects to see which is weird. He says that personally at the beginning of the freeze , he closes his eyes coz it's much more scary when you want to find out what's happening, the creatures are almost to the edge slightly. He tells Biggie that Goiste has been encouraged to understand that it's a control thing. He can't wait for what next is coming. He can't wait to see Tony...they stay together work together.

17:53 - Trezagah says everything is going normally in the house except the freeze task, they are enjoying it though Goitse is finding it hard. About the comedy musical task, he says it's easy but they have to work hard. That him, JJ and Macky2 are the singers so thinks that if they put more effort they will win the wager. He talks about Tayo getting 2 star meter gifts and housemates getting intimidated but when Macky2 got it, it made him realise that Tayo is not the game winner as Macky2 is chilled like him and won so one doesn't have to be loud. He says that when a housemate wins the star meter, others feel that they are good for Africa. He misses Alusa most coz he used to tease him and even tried learning his language, he also misses his mum, son and girlfriend.

17:42 -
Tayo is feeling down and bored, the week has been a little bit different to what he is used to, it might be because he has not been watching the show. He thought he was to have fun but since Lilian and Esther left he is bored but he is managing to cope with it. He tells Biggie about people talking regions, and how they get their support and some people believing in luck, all of which this scares him. He has tried to bend down and try to be polite. He says that they are not having enough fun, they are taking things too seriously yet he too can be hyper but he has moments when he is serious. He misses her girlfriend, friends KingKong, Tama and Chuzi because they understand him and they have the same type of personality and they can be at peace.

17:30 - Butterphly tells Big Brother that she told herself that she was not going to sleep again and she hasn't slept. She feels good and every time she feels sleepy she finds something to do and she is controlling the sleep now. About nominations she says for the fast time people were not devastated and they laughed to Trezagah's nomination, but Permithias wasn't cool about his nomination. She says that people are judging others basing on how they see them, she talks about people not trusting her though she is ok with it. That she chills and proves them wrong. She misses her daughter Dominica and she loves her so much.

17:21 -
Samantha says the task is exciting but difficult. As far as their wager is concerned she's now between 70-80% but by tomorrow she hopes to be confident. She feels there is no equality as some people are not listened to because they are young. She thinks Idris is a good HoH and people just need to give him time because he is young. She also feels really close to Idris and that they have so much in common and he makes her laugh. She misses her sisters most but she'd like to see Lee, because she knows what to say to her to keep her going and they are so close.

17:12 - Nhlanhla is generally in a good mood today and focused on the task at hand. He says he was one of those people cheating in the freeze task by closing his eyes and says he won't do it any further. He talks about people criticizing something yet they have no solutions. He misses his little brother, close friends and these keep him pushing on.

17:03 -
Macky2 in the diary room. He tells Biggie that he was a bit not ok in the morning but he is now ok, the mood in the house is ok and they are working hard on their task. He reveals that he had a chat with Goitse and she told him about what she went through in the past and he understood her freaking out. He says that Goitse can't handle the freeze task as it brings back her bad memories. He feels Housemates should take the comedy task lively and practice so hard. He gives a shout out to his girlfriend and tells her that whatever happens, he's got her back.

15:40 - Idris lays on the bed with Goitse and asks her if she wants water. She asks him to help get an inhaler from her bag. Samantha come around and the petting session continues.

15:35 - JJ takes Goitse to "Beverly Hills" (upstairs bedroom). He pets her on the head to console her. Idris and Sipe join them but JJ leaves shortly after.

15:30 -
Biggie tells housemates to freeze and Goitse cries once again as she's scared of Biggie's ninjas.

15:05 -
Idris, JJ and Tayo relax outside and talk about their childhood days.

15:00 -
Permithias corners Frankie who has just left the diary room after noticing his teary eyes. He asks what's the matter with him. Frankie shed tears in diary room because he misses his son.

14:52 - Frankie is doing good. He says it feels incredible and super exciting to make it half way through the game. The freeze task is making them be on the alert on all the time and that Biggie's warning was good because some of them were cheating.

14:45 -
Diary sessions start with Sheillah. She is okay apart from the freezing task which is scaring. She hopes Biggie understands that they take everything as fun and that's why they keep on laughing and acting during the freeze task. She is scared of being up for eviction like last week and feels for those up this week. She has observed that Macky2 is playing his game well, Mr. 265 is super observant while Tayo is tired probably he wants to see his son.

13:22 - Housemates watch a video to guide them in this week's task.

13:17 -
There's a new task, housemates are required to come up with a Musical comedy skit.

12:44 -
Samantha asks JJ about singers Eminem and Bruno Mars.

12:30 -
Housemates are warned against cheating during the Freeze task or else they risk automatic nomination.

12:29 -
Housemates are told to gather in the lounge, Biggie has something to share with them.

12:28 -
Tayo and Ellah take naps.

12:25 -
Idris and Goitse have a chat. Idris says that while in the house he only cooks on Sunday.

12:20 -
Housemates talk about the weird positions they've had to endure as a result of the freeze task.

12:10 -
The smile is back on Goitse's face, she chats with Sipe in the bedroom and they talk about nominations.

11:40 - Housemates comfort Goitse as they talk about the freeze task.

11:30 -
Biggie tells housemates to freeze and Goitse cries in the process. Sipe complains that the little men who came in were throwing pillows at her and scaring them.

11:10 -
Housemates gather in the kitchen for breakfast.

10:23 -
Goitse  confesses that she's the shortest  girl in the house.

10:12 -
Nhlanhla and Sheillah share a light conversation while  in bed.

10:10 - Sipe emphasises that she knows why she's in the house and is not gonna let anyone distract her.

10:03 - It's interesting to see housemates preparing themselves whenever they hear Biggie's voice. Sipe takes a dive after she hears Biggie's voice announcing that hot water is no longer available.

10:00 - In the bedroom, Ellah, Sipe makeup ahead of another busy day in the Big Brother house.

09:30 - JJ joins Frankie and Samantha, the boys look impressed with the South African beauty's dedication at the weights.

09:20 - JJ as usual busy with the weights while Trezagah cleans inside the house.

09:10 - Frankie takes Samantha though some exercises in the garden.

08:50 - JJ, Macky2 and Mr.265 sing 50 Cent's songs as they go about their duties in the kitchen.

08:35 - A duty was roster was made yesterday and all housemates were assigned daily chores. Macky2 is on cleaning duty today as he does the dishes in the kitchen.

08:00 - Housemates are up and get ready to take part in morning exercises but no instructor has come through today, so they decide to relax as they ponder the next move. Idris bonds with Ellah while others laze around.

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