Thursday, November 06, 2014

Live Updates: Day 32

19:40 - JJ says he has slowed down on his music in the house because he broke his guitar. His Hotshot celebrity is JSomething because he is a dedicated musician.

19:28 -
Samantha is relieved and thrilled to have won the wager. She tells Biggie that the task was a challenging wager but it made them learned that they can be funny. She also doesn't feel Goitse is being true to herself.

19:05 -
Diary sessions resume with Goitse. She says the funniest moment in last night's task presentation was having to work with Trezagah who brought out the funny side of her. 

18:40 - Teams start discussing their extravaganza themes.

18:22 -
In his diary session Tayo tells Biggie that he is happy about their wager win last night. He recounts a funny moment he had with Nhlanhla about the gap in between his teeth. He also tells Bigge that todays freeze task was awkward and painful.

17:50 - Housemates are split into two teams and each team is given a theme based on one of many of Shakespeare's play on which to base and develop their Comedy of Errors.

Team A: Mr. 265, Goitse, Butterphly, Frankie, Ella, Sipe, Macky2 and Idris.

Team B: JJ, Samantha, Tayo, Trezagah, Sheillah, Nhlanhla, M'am Bea and Permithius.

17:25 -
This weeks Extravaganza task is issued. The theme is "Comedy of Errors".

17:05 - Samantha does Idris' hair while in the bedroom. JJ chats with Butterphly nearby.

16:56 - Nhlanhla  talks about Goitse and the freeze task. He says the previous freeze tasks scared the hell out her but today she seemed to have liked it. He feels Goitse's punishment is fair because she knew what was at stake. He tells Biggie that the wager win was so much fun and felt good. He was impressed with Trezagah's performance. His Hotshot celebrity is Brad Pitt.

16:39 -
Permithias in the diary room, he talks about last night saying he walked out on the drinks and didn't stay up for too long because people have different ways of celebrating and he's not part of that. He says Idris is power hungry and is using his military might to get things done. He adds that it's a jungle out there, you either get eaten or eat somebody. As far as romance is concerned, he's made a stance. That you deal with a situation the way you find it.

16:26 - Trezagah says he felt so good when they won the wager because they thought they'd lose it as it was difficult during rehearsals. He reveals that he never took much alcohol last night and went to bed early. That Frankie took two shots and it got to him then he ended up arguing with Ellah. He thinks this week's extravaganza may have a lot to do with comedy but Biggie is unpredictable. Jay-Z is Hotshot celebrity.

16:16 - Macky2 talks about the week's task saying it was a very difficult one but they prepared and after it seemed easier than they expected. His funniest moment was Nhlanhla's skit. About the situation in the house he says some of the housemates who are up for eviction tend to be more active, change their sleeping patterns and tend to prove a point to Africa. He says chances are that some people put up an act.  He also says that though he has a huge reputation back home, he doesn't hold back anything, the way he lives his life in the house is the same way he lives it back home. He's inspired by his president (Michael Sata), Nelson Mandela and Jay-Z.  

16:03 - Frankie says it feels good that they won the wager. According to him, Trezagah was the funniest during comedy week. He tells Biggie that there was too much booze last night and he had a heated argument with Ellah but they are now cool. That Ellah is Miss Uganda and probably expected more respect. He hints that he will talk to her again.

15:06 -
Ellah tells Big Brother that she is emotionally confused. That the wager win was good but the activities after were not cool. She talks about her swearing at Frankie because he contradicted on how he feels about her yet she was hyper already, she was talking alot and she had Sipe as her lawyer. She says they solved the misunderstanding this morning and they are now cool. She says that there is a lot of tension in the house but this should be expected in the game at this stage. About her Hotshot celebrity, she feels very inspired by Rihanna, Tiwa Savage and Kacey Moore.

14:57 - Butterphly discusses comedy week and says it was really fun and dope but she hopes no one was offended. She's excited they won and thanks Biggie for getting her ice cream as she doesn't take alcohol. On Mr. 265, she says he is confusing her but he brought her chicken last night and he was loving. She has no Hotshot celebrity as she picks inspiration from different people.

14:44 -
Sipe talks about drinking last night and then started arguing with Frankie. She tells Biggie that she doesn't know how she got involved as she got interested from no where and things got heated up but they are now cool. She wonders why Biggie kept pairing her with Macky2 in yesterday's presentation, that it was very awkward. Biggie grills her more about Macky2 and she blushes. Beyonce is her Hotshot celebrity because she is a very strong and hardworking woman who she inspires her a lot.

14:34 - Mr. 265 feels fresh and excited from last night. He says they deserved to win the wager. About tension in the house he mentions that housemates don't really solve their issues, that people have different levels of alcohol that make them different and this makes differences not sorted out as someone might say OK when they are not. His Hotshot celebrity is Richard Banton.

14:23 -
Diary sessions start with M'am Bea. She talks about the freeze task saying it's fine but they don't know what to expect. She is very happy that they won the wager and had fun last night. She says she's still playing her game and her Hotshot celebrity is Yvonne Nelson.

13:25 - Housemates relax to Biggie's music.

13:12 -
M'am Bea shouts out to evicted Kacey Moore.

13:08 - M'am, Tayo and Sheillah chat in the garden.

12:45 -
Lunch preparation is underway.

12:30 -
Samantha advises Macky2 to speak a little more in the house because he has good ideas.

12:16 -
Sheillah does laundry outside as Nhlanhla keeps close.

12:12 -
Idris calls Butterphly the Jamaican Butterphly.

12:00 -
"You are the only person I can depend on," Samantha tells Idris.

11:35 -
Tayo complains that the clown slapped them and thanks Biggie for bringing someone who slapped peoples' children.

11:30 - Mr.265 asks Samantha if she froze while in the toilet, she says yes. Idris jokes that if she didn't Biggie would show them the video footage much to their amusement.

11:22 -
Permithias says his legs and muscles hurt and his face is stiff.

11:20 -
Housemates clean up after unfreezing, Samantha was lucky this time around after she was caught up in the washroom.

11:00 -
Biggie tells housemates to freeze.

10:25 -
Ellah says she wouldn't  drive when drunk for fear of falling prey to police, rapists and the press, she'd prefer having a chauffeur.

10:18 -
Ellah apologizes to Africa for swearing yesterday.

10:08 -
As JJ prepares omelettes, Ellah asks him to help her cut some onions.

10:05 -
Idris fries eggs for himself.

10:00 -
After noticing that JJ has a lot on his plate, Idris asks him whether he wants to add on weight.

09:55 - As Ellah and Frankie have a while seated on his bed, Ellah excuses herself and tells Frankie that they'll finish their conversation after grabbing some tequila.

09:45 - JJ, Mr. 265 and Macky2 take over the kitchen, Permithias is in bed as Ellah makes-up over a conversation with Butterphly.

09:30 - Punished Goitse cleans the kitchen floor.

09:15 - Trezagah is dosing, other housemates eat breakfast in the kitchen.

09:00 - It's shower hour and housemate make use of the availed warm water.

08:55 - Breakfast is brewing in the kitchen while some housemates sit outside discussing about last night's events.

08:35 - After the workout, Ellah and Sipe discuss Frankie's feelings for the Ugandan beauty.

08:20 - After a well deserved wager victory, housemates are up ready to face the day ahead starting off with an exercise session.


  1. i guess its mission accomplished for biggie now that Goitse is up! He aint adding anything to the freeze task? Yeah neh...we c u Rig Brotha! Goitse til day 63!

  2. Goiste u will go
    I love idris and Samantha
    Tayo for d money

  3. Samantha can have Idris if she wants....Goitse aint blocking them but their own conscience! Goitse til day 63!