Friday, November 07, 2014

Live Updates: Day 33

18:20 - Goitse gets upset with Idris during their Extravaganza rehearsal after he jokes about her singing.

17:30 -
Teams start rehearsals for their extravaganza task.

16:25 - Housemates gather in the kitchen for a meal.

15:52 -
The freeze task is back and Biggie tells housemates to "Freeze". As soon as they're told to unfreeze, the housemates discuss their positions.

15:43 -
Macky2 and Idris talk about people who brag a lot.

15:41 - Trezagah says people call him "King of sleep" yet it's not true as he's always available for tasks and house-work. He feels the title should go to Butterphly and Permithias. To him Samantha is the sexiest because she's got a nice body depending on her age and one could be mistaken for a 21-year-old.

15:27 -
Butterphly feels Nhlanhla is super sexy and has effortless charm. She says Mr. 265 is a complex character, that he has been giving her silent treatment and she feels really bad and intends to talk to him as she's really not happy about it.

15:18 - Ellah is scared about this week's extravaganza because she's competing with JJ and Samantha who are "good at these things". She says there are a lot of sexy men in the house, she picks Frankie and Nhlanhla. She reveals that she wants to take care of Frankie because he's like a baby and her relationship with him is in an advanced stage.

15:09 -
Mr. 265 assures Biggie that tomorrow's extravaganza will be as explosive as last time. That it will be very exciting tomorrow and he's sure they will put up a good performance. He wants to get the other team cracking that will give his pleasure and to others that are watching. He says Samantha is the sexiest housemate. About Butterphly, he says she needs to work on her self issues and she's always explaining herself due to what she's been through, he feels she needs to sort herself.

14:59 - Nhlanhla feels that maybe he was nominated because people don't like him, he's worried about Africa saving him as he's up with those that have survived evictions before and it gets scary. He however says it all depends on who Africa wants to save at the end of the day.

14:46 -
Frankie says him and Ellah are cool and plan on being friends even after the show. He feels there's a sense of nervousness concerning nominations and Sunday, he can't wait for Idris' revelation. He says Ellah is the sexiest because she has the potential to be something, an incredible woman. That Samantha is also cool while Goitse is pretty much like Ellah and has a good sense of style.

14:18 - M'am Bea feels that Ellah, Samantha and Sipe have mood swings.

14:11 -
JJ Biggie tells Biggie that he should allow them say hi to the freeze guests that come at least before they leave. To him Samantha is the sexiest Hotshot, because she has a nice, beautiful and gorgeous body. He wants his relationship with Samantha to continue after the show.

14:04 -
Sipe says that Nhlanhla and Sheillah as people who cross certain limits with jokes that she doesnt find funny. She talks about them laughing at her last night but she prefers suffering silent. She mentions  that there is nothing romantic between her and Macky2 though there was going to be, that there are some things she cant control and adds that it's gonna be hard for them if they stay in the house till day 63. She believes she's the sexiest Hotshot.

13:45 -
Macky2 also tells Biggie that Ellah is the sexiest because she's feminine. He however says all the ladies have some qualities but he finds Samantha the most attractive lady in the house and she seems the most sensible in the house. On Sipe, he feels that she is someone who is very special.

13:32 -
Idris says Ellah and Samantha are the sexiest Hotshots. Biggie asks why he didn't mention Goitse's name and he says it's personal.

13:17 - According to Sheillah, Ellah is the sexiest Hotshot.

13:10 -
Tayo asks for more cocktails from Big Brother. Biggie promises to keep them coming. He says he's the sexiest Hotshot seconded by Ellah.

12:55 -
Goitse says Tayo is sexy externally  while Frankie is sexy internally.

12:42 -
Permithias is next in the diary room and hilariously, Biggie calls him "Promiscuous".

12:30 -
Samantha kicks off today's Diary sessions, she's surprised that her diary session is early today as she was still cleaning and yet to shower. She talks about Tayo and the way he is playing the game.

12:15 -
Permithias, Goitse and Ellah dance in front of the mirror.

12:07 -
Some Nigerian music plays and Tayo gets excited, he dances along.

11:50 -
Idris receives a diagram of what the stage will look like from Biggie.

11:44 - Mr.265 declares that the acting tasks have helped some housemates showcase their skills and feels people like Ellah could star in a Nollywood movie.

11:35 -
Samantha tells Macky2 and Mr. 265 that the fact that she comes from the same country with a housemate doesn't give her the mandate to sleep with them in the same bed.

10:50 -
Tayo and Mr. 265 some of the girls who they would date.

10:35 - The housemates have a chat outside, they talk about hit songs and being in the game compared to watching it from the outside.

10:12 - JJ and Nhlanhla start working on their team's script but their focus quickly shifts to another gossip moment. This time they discuss Mr. 265 and his drinking. The think he should cut down a bit on his intake and suggest that it would help him.

09:55 - Housemates take on their chores, tidying up the house.

09:33 - Nhlanhla and JJ discuss Samantha, trying to figure out her game.

09:15 - Macky2 lifts some weights outside.

09:00 - Nhlanhla and JJ settle down for some breakfast while others head off to shower.

08:54 - The morning session is done and the coaches make their way out of the house.

08:45 - Teams are are hard at work, absorbing everything that the acting coaches have to offer.

08:32 - Housemates split into their Extravaganza teams and each coach guides the teams with their theatrical performance.

08:00 - Housemates start the day by going over significant Shakespearean conventions with the help of acting coaches in preparation for this week's Extravaganza.


  1. Sammy stil on that ????????????????

  2. Yess Queen Sammy is just dealing with fake people

  3. Its Sammy who is fake
    How can you gossip about the gals with the guys

  4. I wonder how someone with functioning brain call Samantha a queen...She's a she-devil

  5. i just watch that guy hass d whole package

  6. samantha is a snake, a fake, a backstabber, wicked,selfish, self centered, a hypocrite,a vampire,a conspirer,infact she's an idiot,she thinks she is the most intelligent girl in de haus .hw can she gossip with guys abt girls ??,which kind of a girl does that , to top it all she doesnot like her country mate Nhlanhlan, sammy u r finished,my country donot take part in BBA,thatz y i can see clearly, not based on countryor whateva,i'm de best frm equatorial guinnea,