Saturday, November 08, 2014

Live Updates - Day 34

19:00 - Which team performed best? Team A or B?

08:30 - It's Team B's turn to perform for Africa.

08:00 -
The Extravaganza show begins with Team A on stage.

18:50 - Rehearsal time is over for both teams. It's almost show time.

18:00 -
Team B goes to the auditorium for their final rehearsal as Team A waits for their turn.

17:45 -
Samantha and Idris are cuddling. JJ is not impressed by their closeness and doesn't trust Idris' intentions.

17:25 -
JJ spend some time alone, lying on his bed and reading the Bible.

17:12 -
Tayo, M'am Bea and Sheillah sing along with Permitias.

16:50 - Housemates settle for an evening meal, prepared by Sheillah.

16:05 - Team A resumes rehearsals.

15:07 -
Idris apologises to Sipe for his grumpy mood, he says the strippers really got to him.

15:02 -
Tayo mentions that he's going to miss the house some day.

14:50 -
Macky2 and Sipe have a light conversation.

14:48 -
Idris snaps again and complains about his team's commitment to the task. They agree to take a thirty-minute breather.

14:30 - Team A seems to be having difficulty agreeing on certain things.

14:23 -
Idris tells his teammates to get back to work while Ellah argues that they just had a freeze and need a breather.

14:20 -
Sipe says it's not fair because this Freeze task was shorter, she wanted it to go on for a little longer.

14:16 -
Housemates unfreeze and light laughter engulfs the house, Ellah wails "why why" whilst Goitse, Sipe, Butterphly, Samantha all seem excited about this particular Freeze task.

14:10 -
Biggie tells housemates to "freeze" and two hot male models enter the house, the girls are in for a treat.

13:58 -
Tayo tells Permithias that there's a bright future for him because of his great talent.

13:40 -
Nhlanhla and Sheillah play and flirt.

13:20 -
Team B also start working on the extravaganza theme.

12:20 - Team A get together for extravaganza rehearsals.

12:10 -
After their jam session, a teary Tayo thanks Permithias and tells him "God bless you bro".

12:04 -
Tayo gets emotional as he sings along with Permithias.

11:57 -
Permithias sings and plays the guitar.

11:52 -
Butterphly and Idris go through their team's scripts.

11:45 -
Idris and Samantha bond outside.

11:30 - Permithias entertains Samantha with his guitar.

11:22 -
Sheillah makes Tayo an omelette and calls him to have it when it's still hot.

11:03 -
Sheillah says she's in a good mood, JJ tells her that she probably smelled his feet.

11:00 -
Frankie asks the ladies in the shower whether the water is warm and if he can join them.

10:50 -
Permithias and Frankie discuss the current state of affairs in the house. Frankie emphasises that there are certain things people ought not to do on continental TV. 

10:20 - Nhlanhla tells Permithias that the game has reached a point where people are starting to crack so he has to stay away from tensions.

10:10 - Mr.265, Sheillah, JJ, Macky2 and Frankie discuss Tayo's behavior while in the kitchen.

09:48 - Nhlanhla enjoys an omelette courtesy of Sheillah.

09:30 - Nhlanhla advises Tayo to take thing easy while Samantha and Mr. 265 says that they no longer need and trust Tayo's apologies.

09:00 - JJ and Tayo lose their cool after talking about last night's altercation between Tayo and Macky2. Tayo says that whoever has the guts should face him.

08:30 - Housemates are taken through a morning exercise session by fitness coach Reggie.


  1. i want 2 know what hapened 2 mk2 n tayo

  2. its good 2 c my mk2 on my sreens

  3. tayo is the real person in the house.even if he did not make it to the finale 5 am still gonna respect him for been real and not fake

  4. Ellah all the way.

  5. I agree with u. D problem with samanta, mky2 nd others is dat they c tayo as a treat

  6. D HM have seen d potential in Tayo,dats y they make up stories out wat ever Tayo does,is he d only one playing hotshots game.samanta is a tractor

  7. Permitias plays d guiter so does jj! Why does tayo's drum have to be an issue! Am sick n tired of this hate against tayo! Eish all becos of star gift!!! It is well! Tayo is d laziest HM

  8. One with God is more than majority i.e Tayo 4 u.From day 1 dey Neva liked Tayo, so is Nt a new follow fans vote Tayo as d laziest so dat more emotional drama in d hux.

  9. 265 n samantha r snakes just lyk nhlanhla described dem! Out wit yu 2! Jj d hypocrite

  10. You are right,Tayo is d laziest let haters keep on hating him,while God ll keep on loving him.

  11. I am a nigerian and a huge fan of Tayo but lets call a spade a spade, Tayo shldnt be using curse words and berating another country.

  12. Its hard enuff being a space for so long but even harder when d pple u stay with dont like you

  13. Where is my mam bea?

  14. I wish I waited to c ther altercation between Tayo and Macky 2! He is always so cool!!

  15. Tayo is a fooooooooool.i watched d whole thing. He complains dat permithias' guitar is annoying bt ystdy wyl pple wh tryna get sme sleep he banged d drum on dia heads.wen macky 2 got angry n did d same tayo started threatening maky n d whole house. He's an from west africa n im ashamed f Tayo.he won't win.JERK. threatening poor maky

    1. I bet yu wer watching B B cameroun! West Africa ko! Abeg find seat siddon.

    2. Tayo haters! Tayo mega super star. Hot sexy alpha male, xfactor. His presence terrifies other HMs. I will even add laziest. HM to. Tayo

    3. Fools.Inshort I don't have tym for Tayo cofools lyk u.TAYO WON'T WIN.bottom line. Dats wen u will shut d fuck up bitches.EVERYOTHER HOUSEMATE DESERVES DAT MONI BT TAYO. Only naija n Ghana will vote d fool. Thanks guyz u made my day exactly d replies I expected.

  16. whoever has d gut should confront him...that thing called samsntha ur days are numberd.thank God Nlanhnla knws who u are.preety face dark mind.

  17. This Tayo should leave the house cz he has no respect 4 others.. Ppl MST leave Samantha alone cz she has nothing to do with this Tayo thing

  18. Plz vote Tayo for the Laziest... Let haters keep dying!
    Samantha is so fake! Just like JJ.

    Plz someone should help tell Macky2 that he won the sneakiest.



  19. Samantha the neatest housemate her bed is always clean n tidy

  20. Elllah all the way

  21. TAYO never mind whom GOD don blessed no one can curse, JJ,Samatha n others beware #TAYO U ARE BLESS

  22. frankie the man....
    tayo's game aint working

  23. #TeamTayo
    And Tayo keep winning!

  24. Its a pattern we see all the time. Once HM see a potential winner they gang up against him/her to break them. Stop the hate Samantha. Tayo all the way. Ok tayo is laziest.

  25. Whether Tayo wins or not, he'll remain the ultimate hotshot! There's a ready market for him in Africa, haters just deal with that!