Sunday, November 09, 2014

Live Updates: Day 35

22:10 - Total nominations: 
Goitse - Automatic
Mr. 265 - 7
Macky2 - 5
Idris - 5
Sipe - 5
Ellah - 3
Butterphly - 3

22:00 - Tayo nominates Mr. 265 and Macky2, lastly, Trezagah nominates Butterphly and Sipe.

21:52 - Samantha nominates Ellah and Sipe, Sheillah nominates Sipe and Mr. 265, Sipe nominates Idris and Butterphly.

21: 44 - Macky2 nominates Idris and Ellah, M'am Bea nominates Butterphly and Macky2, Nhlanhla nominates Idris and Mr. 265.

21:36 - Idris nominates  Mr. 265 and Sipe, JJ nominates Mr. 265 and Sipe, Mr.265 nominates Ellah and Idris.

21:27- Nominations start: Butterphly nominates Mr. 265 and Macky2, Ellah nominates Mr. 265 and Macky2, Goitse nominatesMacky2 and Idris.

20:55 - Team B is the winner of this week's extravaganza task.

20:47 - Joey B and Pappy Kojo step on stage for another performance.

20:42 - Permithias from Namibia is also given the boot.

20:25 - Frankie from Rwanda is evicted from the Big Brother house.

20:22 -
Butterphly is shocked when HoH Idris reveals that he added her.

20:13 - Samantha is announced winner of this week's start meter as the the laziest housemate. Next week's question is: who is the funniest housemate?

20:07 -
IK performs the freeze task.

20:05 - Ghana's Joey B performs his hit song "Tonga".

20:02 - Host IK mentions that 2 housemates are going home tonight.

20:00 -
The 5th eviction show starts.

19:50 - Housemates gather in the living room, the live show is about to begin. 

19:35 -
Samantha and Nhlanhla talk about all the extravaganza task, they agree that everything is just survival of the fittest.

17:45 - Macky 2 and Permithias jam as Tayo drums. JJ does some weight lifting. 

17:15  -
Trezagah feels like it is a normal day but that he is more tired than usual and feels like he has grown a great deal. He says he has discovered that he is able to act.

17:50 -
Ellah wants to be remembered as the "risk taking beauty queen."

16:55 -
Permithias feels that he has already won so if he goes home tonight he still has done well.

16:40 -
Nhlanhla tells Biggie that he is not thinking too much about the eviction show. That Sheillah is helping him pack, he expects a big surprise from Idris as to whom he has chosen to be put up for eviction. He feels there's more to come and he is sure he is not leaving today.

16:35 -
Frankie has his nomination diary session. He says the whole five weeks has been "an incredible journey," learning so much from the extravaganza and how much he has grown. He thanks Biggie for the tremendous platform he has been given by Big Brother Hotshots.

16:05 -
Biggie tells housemates to pack their bags.

15:17  -
Permithias chats to Ellah and they talk about "enemies."

15:01  -
Idris lies on the bed chatting with Sipe and Goitse.

14:05 -
Sipe says that Big Brother looks like Idris Elba.

13:46 - Butterphly tells Permithias "You're not going anywhere today, and I care about you deeply."

13:44 -
Mr.265. Sipe and Macky2 discuss the extravaganza show, they say their transition was better than the other team.

13:15 -
Goitse and Sipe chat in the bedroom as shopping continues.

12:30 -
Housemates do their shopping, having won their 100% wager this week.

12:19 -
Sheillah styles Tayo's hair.

11:56 -
Housemates are instructed to remain indoors until further notice.

11:30 -
Goitse discusses school friendships with Idris.

10:35 - The hair session continues.

10:15 - JJ, Samantha and Idris have breakfast and talk movies.

10:05 - Sheillah and Nhlanhla have an intimate moment outside.

09:45 - Tayo, Frankie and Trezagah join their fellow housemates in the garden, they watch as the nominees get their hair done.

09:30 - It's time for the nominated housemates to have their hair done.

09:15 - Ellah joins the boys in the kitchen.

09:00 - Housemates continue their Sunday morning conversations.

08:46 - Mr. 265 washes dishes and chats with Macky2 about population numbers, independence and tourism in African countries.

08:35 - Housemates get up to start the day. Permithias, Nhlanhla and Samantha talk about their dreams.


  1. Tayo africa got ur back so dont mind what the haters are saying.Tayo the laziest house mate

  2. #TeamTayo!

    Nigeria is voting for Permithias!

  3. No weapon fashioned against Tayo will prosper IJN. Amen

  4. I have looked up the hills. From where cometh Tayo's help? His help shall come from the Lord who created heaven and earth

  5. I have looked up the hills. From where cometh Tayo's help? His help shall come from the Lord who created heaven and earth

  6. Nigeria you are yo own down have never voted for east Africa ad we shall show you this time around.that sillytayo will never win.

  7. Samantha wants idris all to her self. She is so wicked that brown thing

  8. Team ellah and idris all the way

    1. idris all de way we r behind u our baby boy

    2. Macky2 all the way.... East Africa power

    3. EA have their plate full already, you are talking of Macky 2, ?

    4. EAfrica,we go forward!!! Ellah!!! Idris!!! Keep on keeping oooon!!!

  9. Tayo all the way.the funniest.we are behind gonna have your way no shaking

  10. Drown wit ur hate! We r voting ellah dis week! Naija says so!

  11. team sipe and mr 265

  12. Play your game and get voted by Nigeria. We don't care about ur region... Check our last two votings.

    This week is for Idris!

  13. That gal Sipe and Goitse, its time you go home.

  14. Well Nigeria, Tayo isn't nominated! Why is he mentioned in every comment here? I have a feeling you have a way of controlling this game whether it's juju or what I am not sure! Tayo is always in the winning team! Mmmh! Do I smell a rat here!!

    1. Hahaha wat juju? Really uve just cracked my rips. U know wat? Drink Tayo's water n u won't be confuse again. Its all abt love baby.

    2. Lol... you r very funny, once Tayo is in any team we vote, we don't care about other HM we vote for our own Tayo, other HM in Tayo's team shld be happy and thankful that Tayo made them win...hahahahahahaha

  15. Team manner,Frankie,Sabina,,,lets do it again for queen ellah.

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  19. Let's vote for Idris.. He has an awesome personality... His so so so real..pls let's keep Idris Nigeria

  20. macky 2 kenya votes for you coz of your maturity

  21. Idris da best vote idris

  22. Please Africa keep Mr. 265 and Sipe in the game. They deserve to be in

  23. mr 265 and Sipe all the way to day 63

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  25. Sipe and mr 265 in the game