Monday, November 10, 2014

Live Updates: Day 36

20:50 - Sipe receives her Head of House gift as Idris gets a lap dance from Butterphly.

20:38 - Nomination show: Big Brother announces that Goitse, Idris, Macky2 and Mr. 265 are up for eviction this week. HoH Sipe adds Samantha in the mix.

19:35 - Samantha receives her gift for winning last week's start meter and shares it with fellow housemates.

19:18 -
Tayo, Trezagah and Macky2 discuss the game.

18:45 -
Biggie continues grilling the housemates in the diary room, asking them who they think is playing the game best.

18:21 -
Goitse says she is having a light day. She talks how Biggie dished out the punishment, she says she is cool with it.

18:15 - Idris tells Biggie that housemates might be feeling a bit intimidated by him. He feels like they will not underestimate him again. He is very pleased that his gamble of putting up Butterphly worked out.

18:00 -
Tayo cries during his diary session. He is missing Permithias and Frankie.

17:55 -
Sheillah says nominated housemates behave weirdly during that particular.

17:27 -
JJ says it was amazing to win the Extravaganza.

16:45 - Trezagah says he had already suspected that Frankie and Permithias were the ones going to be evicted.

16:35 -
Butterphly is in the diary room. She talks about Permithias and Frankie.

16:22 -
Biggie's ninja enters the house and helps housemates choose teams for this week's task.

16:20 -
HoH Sipe reads out a task brief.

15:50 -
Idris, Samantha, Macky2 and Mr. 265 relax in the lounge.

15:35 -
Butterphly runs outside after the song stops playing.

15:30 - Butterphly does her first lapdance. Tayo becomes the first beneficiary of Butterphly's punishment.

15:10 -
Biggie calls all of the housemates into the living room. Butterphly is punished for moving during the freeze task. "More reflective, not deliberate." Butterphly, for the next 48 hours, when Biggie plays a track she has to stop whatever she is doing and give the nearest male a lap dance.

14:58 -
Tayo and Mr.265 discuss why the alcohol was going so fast. Idris and Macky2 talk about Goitse.

14:45 -
Butterphly does Ellah's hair and they talk "awkward things."

14:30 -
Samantha jokes around in Ellah's voice, "Hello Biggie, this is Ellah."

14:20 -
Sipe works on a duty roster for everyone for this week. She is taking her HoH reign seriously.

13:45 - M'am Bea prepares a meal and chats to JJ about getting calls from her mother when she wants to chat.

13:00 -
Idris and Ellah cozy up to each other on bed.

12:55 -
Sipe tells Goitse that she is blessed to be safe for one more week. Goitse doesn't look too pleased.

12:33 -
Housemates agree to wager 100% for the task. Biggie accepts their wager.

12:30 -
Sipe reads out the wager task. It's movie week. Housemates must write, direct and act in a silent movie as well as compose the score.

12:05 -
The mood in the house is jovial. Mr. 265 talks about Butterphly.

11:58 - Idris hands over the HoH medallion to Sipe. She is overjoyed by her win as she was sure she'd be up for eviction this week.

11:54 - Sipe wins and is announced the new Head of House.

11:45 - Tayo, Sipe and Idris battle for the HoH title.

11:15 - Housemates relax indoors as they wait for the HoH task.

10:48 - With 6 discs in, Tayo qualifies. Sipe also qualifies with 4. Idris qualifies as well.

10:40 -
Housemates gather in the garden for Head of House qualifier. 

10:00 - Trezagah washes the dishes as he hums along. The rest of the hotshots go about with washing and dressing up.

09:30 -
JJ finally retires from the workout outside and exclaims to Mr. 265 that he is really feeling good! The boys rush off to shower before hot water runs out.

09:20 - JJ and Samantha continue with the workout session despite the rain.

08:55 - JJ and Samantha join Macky2 in weightlifting outside. JJ leads Samantha in the workout routine.

08:45 - The vocal training session ends and RJ Benjamin leaves.

08:40 - JJ and Idris also give it a try and don't do so badly.

08:30 - Ellah and Samantha are next up. They struggled a bit but soon got the hang of the melody.

08:25 - RJ gets the housemates to try some harmonising. Butterphly and Sheillah are doing quitewell and seem to be enjoying themselves as they are encouraged on by RJ.

08:00 - Housemates start the day with some breathing exercises, under the guide of RJ Benjamin.

07:40 - It's day 36 and the housemates are well on their way to fully waking up from all the humming.


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