Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Live Updates: Day 37

20:35 - After having dinner. Housemates resume working on their task.

19:34 -
Nhlanhla and Idris have a good laugh outside. JJ joins them and they talk about the trickiness of being Head of House. All the three boys have been HoH's and laugh about their experiences with the rest of the housemates and how they were as HoH's.

19:00 -
Housemates are singing Permithias' songs and remix them a little. The jam session brough back memories of the evited songbird and Tayo faithfully beat the drum as they went through each song.

18:49 -
JJ, Nhlanhla and Idris discuss texting and getting in touch with girls. JJ says he has "no time to sit around and play games."

18:21 -
Tayo plays his drum and sings in the kitchen. Samatha and Sheillah cook.

16:50 - Houemates get a chance to shop for what they will use during their presentation tomorrow. Group A goes first as Group B waits for their turn.

16:38 -
Sipe says "Weeks are flying".

16:20 -
Sheillah, Mr. 265, Macky2 and Sipe share a light moment in the bedroom.

16:00 -
As other housemates attend the piano session, Butterphly prefers to take a nap in the bedroom.

15:10 -
Housemates share their story-lines with the guest pianist.

14:55 - Sipe reveals to Ellah and Idris that Goitse has of late distanced herself from her.

14:40 -
Sheillah and Samantha sing one of Frankie's favorite lines "I had a crush on Ellah.."

14:30 -
HoH Sipe is called into the diary room. Biggie sends in a pianist to help the housemates to create the score for their silent movie.

14:00 -
Samantha feels that Sipe put her up because they are not that close.

13:35 -
Ellah wants Biggie to bring in people to spice up the show.

13:15 -
JJ says people are changing personalities.

13:10 -
Macky2 shares that Tayo told him that he was disappointed in him with the way he reacted, referring to their altercation, though they are cool now.

12:25 - Nhlanhla says that everyone is somewhat down, he feels they don't really understand the task.

12:15 -
Idris feels that Ellah is playing mind games with him.

12:05 -
Tayo tells Biggie that he is feeling better but a bit lazy, especially with the rain. On Samantha winning the Star Meter, he says he didn't really care because she has changed.

11:56 -
Mr. 265 says he's confused about the game and people's changing characters.

11:47 -
Diary sessions start with Sipe. She says her new Head of House role is challenging.

11:12 - Idris chats to M'am Bea about Goitse and how cold she is. He wants to ask Sipe what's up. M'am Bea says it is probably her reacting to being up for eviction.

10:55 -
Idris compliment each other's looks and share a moment.

10:50 -
Macky2 enjoys a lap-dance from an increasingly jovial Butterphly.

10:25  - Ellah and Mr. 265 are having dinner for two tonight. Housemates send shout-outs to Frankie while Butterphly tantalises Nhlanhla.

10:15 - JJ gives Samantha a warm hug and a morning greeting.

10:00 - Biggie tells housemates that hot water is no longer available.

09:50 -
The boys iron their clothes.

09:40 - Housemates continue with their showers.

09:24 - M'am Bea is having a relaxed morning, she sings in he kitchen.

09:20 - M'am Bea says they'll have to sit on the dining table today "because it's beautiful".

09:19 - Tayo says he smells something and Trezagah jokes "maybe it's me".

09:18 - Trezagah says he didn't shower the whole day yesterday because he missed the hot water.

09:09 - Samantha will be cooking today with Trezagah, M'am Bea can't wait taste some Mozambican food, Trezagah says he doesn't know how to cook and will just help.

09:08 - Trezagah is on cleaning duty again today as he cleans the kitchen area.

09:00 - Hot water is availed and shower hour starts.

08:58 - Tayo, Nhlanhla and JJ lift the weights outside.

08:30 - Housemates are taken through a much needed exercise session. Butterphly makes an appearance this time around.


  1. idris is the best person i haveever watched in bba series.he makes me laugh and giggle.he is such a nice guy.Goitse take it easy .just play your game .eviction will take care of itself on sunday .zimbabwe is behind idris.i would have liked to vote for you Goitse but idris is my fav hotshot .

    1. I'm a proudly Nigerian . I know tayo is cutely handsome, real but I really wish Idris wud win.. Then Tayo 2nd and mam bea 3rd and butterphly 4th. Wish dem d best

  2. Tayo my man,I wish u gud luck,By d grace of God u wil carry dat money

  3. Idris relay upset me 2day...So its Ok for him to want to put Goitse into a corner...yet He says Ellah is putting him in2 a corner but he know the game!!! I REALY RESPECT GOITSE FOR SEEING THROUGH HIM!!!!!!!


    1. Im with u there. He thinks hes a player and soon the game will be playing him

  5. Im wth u there. He thinks hes a player and soon the game will be playing him

  6. Idris till day 63.