Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Live Updates: Day 38

21:05 - Housemates are in total disbelief after losing their 100% wager.

19:50 - Task presentation is about to begin.

17:45  - The housemates take full advantage of the pianists' presence as they practice their best Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin impressions.

17:05 - The boys get wild and give the girls lap dances. JJ pairs with Samantha, Nhlanhla with Ellah, Macky2 with Goitse, Trezagah with Butterphly, Tayo with M'am Bea, Mr. 265 with Sipe and Idris. with Sheillah.

17:00 -
Idris gets a lap dance from Butterphly much to the excitement of other housemates.

16:35 -
Pianist Velaphi Ramphele is back in the house and helps the housemates to rehearse a skit off their silent movie.

16:10 - Sipe reads out another part of the presentation, the housemates must create a 30 second advert for Ghandour during their task presentation.

15:20 - Big Brother is not available at the moment so housemates are summoned to the diary room by the sound of the buzzer. Each housemates gets 5 minutes in the diary room to share their thoughts.

14:35 -
Macky2 enjoys another lap dance from Butterphly.

13:50 - Housemates enjoy their lunch meal.

13:16 -
Samantha, Butterphly, Ellah and Tayo talk about the meaning of their names.

12:45 - Trezagah is excited, he sends shout-outs to South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

12:25 -
Tayo says he loves the mirror and if anyone hates it they should get away or get another mirror and do what he's doing.

12:10 -
I don't need energy drinks, Tayo tells Trezagah.

12:05 -
Tayo talks to Trezagah about his fights with Macky2 and Mr. 265.

11:45 -
The music plays and Butterphly gives Trezagah a lap dance, the Mozambican rapper is all smiles.

11:30 -
While at the dining table, Nhlanhla and Sheillah sit miles apart as they go through some work for the presentations.

11:25 -
Butterphly feeds Idris with some cake.

11:15 -
Tayo's breakfast is taken upstairs to probably avoid another confrontation with Mr. 265.

11:10 - Mr. 265 tells Tayo not to shout because they are working, Tayo gets mad and loses it. Sipe and M'am Bea calm him down.

10:30 -
Tayo is moody today, he sings a couple of songs, or is it shout?

10:20 - Housemates have their breakfast and get ready for the day.

09:30 - Biggie plays the famous 'Butterphly track' and she gives Idris a lap dance, Nhlanhla and JJ join the fun.

09:15 - Nhlanhla and Idris discuss the fast approaching task presentation, the boys seem to be unsure of what they've got up their sleeve.

09:10 - Idris gets playful with Butterphly whose lap dance punishment ends today.

09:00 - Housemates relax after the morning session, some head for the shower while others storm the kitchen.

08:55 - Clint's session ends, he tells housemates that he's impressed with their progress in the house and advises them not keep their heads high.

08:45 - Housemates are instructed to act but in silence, Clint advises them not to feel pressured. Idris, Ellah, Sheillah, Mr. 265 and M'am Bea showcase an interesting skit.

08:30 - Clint Brink is in the house to tip housemates in stage performance.

** All times CAT (GMT+2).


  1. Africa please vote for Idris.

  2. We are behind Idris! Voting and voting!!

  3. I saw the wager loss coming!! Sorry for them!

  4. I'm sorry for them but the cause was sipe