Thursday, November 13, 2014

Live Updates: Day 39

09:10 - The good times continue in the house, as housemates settle in for a night of laughter and lots of drinks.

08:53 -
Samantha, Idris, Butterphly and JJ discuss why housemates were chosen to represent their countries.

08:00 -
The storeroom is opened and housemates receive more alcohol.

07:30 -
The housemates enjoy some ice-cream. Having lost their wager, it might be a while before they get to enjoy such luxury again.

06:41 -
Diary sessions continue, with Big Sister flirting again, this time with Mr. 265. Sipe is still looking down during her session.

06:12 -
Housemates work on their script for the Extravaganza.

05:25 -
Samantha chats to JJ about her sisters. Butterphly heads to the diary room.

04:45 - Idris assures Big Sister that him and Samantha are friends.

04:30 -
Macky2 says that having cameras around has not altered anything in the manner he behaves. He adds that he knew what what he had signed up for.

15:53 - Sheillah feels Samantha is a bit of a wild cat but acts otherwise infront of the cameras.

15:30 -
Trezagah says Big Sister can't have her as a wife as he already has one but allows her to be whatever she wants in his life. She decides that she'll be his side-dish!

15:10 -
Tayo tells Big Sister that he is happy with his weight but hated gaining weight in his facial area.

15:06 -
M'am Bea in the diary room, she says they are sad about the wager loss. She also says that she will have to reduce on her food portion to curb the weight gain.

14:35 - JJ, Idris and Nhlanhla brainstorm about their extravaganza theme.

14:22 -
It's Tayo's turn to prepare lunch. He's hard at work in the kitchen.

14:10 -
Macky2 washes his clothes as he chats up a storm with Sipe and Mr. 265.

13:10 -
Idris tells Samantha and Butterphly that Sheillah is not stable.

13:16 - Sipe reads out another extravaganza brief. Housemates are to start working on the scripts and roles assigned to each of them.

12:18 - Sipe selects her team randomly with the ninja's help. They are: Tayo, Sheillah, Ellah, Macky2, Goitse and Mr. 265.

Idris, Samantha, Trezagah, Butterphly, Nhlanhla, JJ and M'am Bea make Team B.

12:15 -
Tayo says he wants to cry because he can't wait to receive a message from his family and friends.

12:15 -
The housemates are excited about the change.

12:13 -
This time around housemates will not be winning immunity, housemates from the winning team will get special messages from their loved ones.

12:11 -
It's Extravaganza time again, Sipe reads out the task brief. Teams have to create a 'Pernod Ricard Modern Drama'.

11:52 -
M'am Bea and Idris get touchy-feely in the bedroom.

11:25 -
HoH Sipe and JJ clean the dining area.

10:25 - Mr. 265 brushes his beard.

10:15 - M'am Bea gives JJ a back massage.

10:01 - Big Sister says hot water is no longer available.

09:59 - Idris and Macky2 talk about people changing sleeping patterns.

09:50 - Samantha helps Butterphly cut her pants, she prefers shots.

09:40 - JJ washes the dishes, Butterphly irons.

09:11 - Photo of Ellah with her mother hang on the wall above her bed.

09:09 - 'King of sleep' Trezagah takes a nap.

09:06 - Idris goes to Ellah's bed and gives her kisses, seems she’s somewhat feeling under the weather.

09:00 - Shower hour starts and Butterphly runs to the bathroom.

08:59 - Butterphly complains about her weight, she tells Idris that she's supposed to be 72Kgs.

08:42 - Butterphly tells Samantha she feels her upper body is bigger than her lower body.

08:36 - JJ, Nhlanhla, Macky2, Trezagah, Idris are outside flexing with the weights.

08:33 - Trezagah is back to his usual routine, tidying up the kitchen area.

08:30 - The exercise session ends and instructor Rosa leaves the house.

08:00 - Housemates are taken through a much needed morning workout session by Rosa.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. ok...the day off to a boring start i guess!

  2. Idris are the one hus not stable! VOTE GOITSE

  3. Ever boring Tayo and camera loving

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  5. Eish big brother is becoming boring huh

  6. Big brother where you we don't want that fake voice I think is Tumi Morake

  7. Maaaaaaaky 2 all the way!!!!!!!