Saturday, November 15, 2014

Live Updates: Day 41

19:30 - Housemates get ready for the extravaganza show.

19:05 -
Sipe, Mr. 265 and Goitse appreciate Figgie's direction and wish it was available to them from the beginning.

18:52 -
Sheillah is a little deflated after another harsh scolding from Figgie.

18:35 -
Team B's setting is in a church. A bunch of diverse characters are affected by the dangerous abuse of alcohol.

18:10 -
Team B make their way onto the rehearsal stage. Figgie asks each to give a description of each of their characters.

17:52 -
Figgie reprimands housemates for keeping the bedroom all messed up.

17:30 -
Team A wrap up their time on the stage. They got some good pointers from Figgie.
16:48 - Housemates are given instructions on their upcoming presentation.

16:40 -
Team A heads to the auditorium for their final Extravaganza rehearsal.

16:26 -
Idris and Butterphly discuss dating. He says he is not really into dating cute, little girls anymore.

16:00 -
Housemates discuss the merits of Bigge and Figgie.

15:30 -
Idris enjoys a decadent slice of cake.

15:15 -
The music in the house is pumped louder and Sheillah starts twerking.

15:03 - Trezagah and Nhlanhla take a break outside and chat about Mozambique.

14:30 -
Nhlanhla and Idris choreograph their fight scene.

14:15 -
Sheillah reads through the script, while her teammates listen.

13:54 -
Good vibes are created in the house with background music. Trezagah steps into his character's shoes and give his performance his all.

13:45 -
Team A move inside to continue their rehearsal.

13:33 -
Goitse and Sheillah argue over lines. Tayo slips back into his drunk character. They suggest a different hairstyles or a hat for his character.

13:15 -
Housemates are getting along, with no one struggling over creative control like in the previous weeks.

12:42 - Housemtes get busy with extravaganza rehearsals.

11:57 -
Tayo drums for Ellah as she sings outside.

11:55 -
Trezagah notices that M'am Bea is sad, she comfirms that she is indeed sad but has to try and be happy.

11:36 - Butterphly takes her preparations outside, acting for the mirror.

11:30 -
Idris and Trezagah get into character, the boys are clearly having immeasurable fun.

11:17 -
M'am Bea takes selfies in the Phantom Z Booth.

11:15 -
Butterphly sheds a tear a she goes through her story but later laughs it off.

11:00 -
Butterphly asks Idris whether "Noise" has a plural, he says no and she goes to ask Samantha who agrees with Idris.

10:55 -
Extravaganza preparations are in high gear, Butterphly discusses her storyline with Idris. Meanwhile, Nhlanhla takes a nap on the couch.

10:40 -
Groomimg time for Goitse as she cuts her nails.

10:36 - Idris greets Butterphly and asks for a kiss.

10:32 - Idris and JJ talk about home and the type of cars the drive.

10:25 - Samantha is a busy bee this morning, clearing all the dirt in the kitchen area.

10:17 - Macky2 takes selfies.

10:15 - Tayo continues with his drumming session outside.

10:04 - Samantha cleans saucepans while Trezagah, Idris and Macky2 eat their breakfast.

09:57 - "Besties" Goitse and Sipe have a heart-to-heart conversation in the bedroom.

09:50 - Tayo gets outside and drums up a storm as he sings along, the young man is in love with his drum.

09:30 -
Tayo enjoys a much needed breakfast, whilst some other housemates take naps.

09:05 - Beauty queen Ellah applies make up as she readies herself for the long day ahead. Meanwhile, Tayo is busy with his writing.

08:50 - Samantha and M'am Bea clean the kitchen area.

08:30 - Idris, Nhlanhla and JJ take a series of selfies in the booth.

** All times CAT (GMT +2)

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