Sunday, November 16, 2014

Live Updates: Day 42

21:00 - The former housemates will enter the house tomorrow at 20:30 CAT.
20:57 - Ten ex-housemates, Miss P, Elikem, Natasha, Leonel, Uti, Luclay, Feza, Denzel, Sulu and Vimbai are back to stir things up.

20:37 - Team B is the winner of this week's modern drama extravaganza.

20:20 - Mr. 265 from Malawi and Samantha from South Africa are evicted.

20:17 -
Sipe reveals that she put up Samantha.

20:12 - Macky2 wins the funniest hotshot star meter.

20:05 -
Highlights from last week's eviction show are shown. Frankie and Permithias were evicted.

20:03 - Live show starts, Zambia's JK is on stage performing 'Telemundo Loving'.

19:42 - Biggie tells housemates to gather in the living room as the show is about to begin.

19:00 - Housemates are getting ready for the live eviction show which starts in an hour's time.

17:48  -
Mr.265 feels that it is a Sunday mood. He tells Biggie that he has surpassed the mark of what he wanted to achieve in the house, so he is fine if he gets evicted.

17:41  -
In his nominations diary session, Idris says he has been himself in the house, he feels he has a 70 percent chance of staying in the house. Idris talks about who in the house had the most impact on him, Goitse.

17:35 -
Macky2 says he missed Biggie in his diary room. He feels that he has a 8/10 chance of staying in the house.

17:23 -
Macky2 is philosophical about going or staying, The work begins when they leave. Macky2 says that he and Trezagah are lucky because they might not need the money as much as others. They play his song in the house.

17:04 - Trezagah and Mr.265 have some chit-chat while they're eating dinner.

16:45 -
Sheillah jumps on JJ to hug him. She says, "Maybe I'm leaving", JJ tells her that she's going nowhere. 

16:31 -
Trezagah admits that he is "feeling the cider," Tayo says he is happy. They are enjoying the music.

16:20 -
Samantha snuggles up to Idris while downstairs, Tayo, Macky2 and Trezagah chat. Buttephly looks on. 

16:05 -
The nominated housemates pack their bags.

15:40 -
Biggie plays music for the housemates as they get ready for tonight's show.

15:25 - Tayo says he packs his bags every week as he doesn't know if he has been put up by the Head of House. Trezagah mentions that one cannot feel too comfortable as they do not really know how Africa is voting, using Alusa as an example.

15:00  - Goitse, M'am Bea, Mr.265 and Sipe chat while Samantha and Idris cook up a storm in the kitchen.

13:50 - Sheillah asks Sipe and Goitse to bring food for her upstairs as they decide to go make sandwiches.

13:20 - Mr. 265 tells Idris that he is hungry. Idris tells him to make a sandwich and the Malawian gent complains that the people that often cooked refused to do so today.

13:00 - Housemates start packing their clothes.

12:45 - Idris shares his worries about being up for possible eviction and says that if today is the end of the road for him then he will accept his fate. Ellah assured him that he won't be going anywhere but says that even if he was to leave, he would have a solid fan-base. What do you think?

12:15 - Ellah takes M'am Bea and Sipe through her pictures.

12:00 - Trezagah assures Idris that he won't be evicted on the looming live show and Idris says that he hopes that tonight won't be the first time that the Mozambican rapper is wrong.

11:50 - Tayo is doing laundry outside. He dances to Biggie's music and sings his own song.

11:40 - M'am Bea does Ellah's hair. The two ladies are not up for possible eviction and so did not get their hair done. M'am Bea's "private salon" is always the salvation of a number of the hotshots.

11:30 - Goitse tells Sipe that she suspects that someone who is almost always sleeping in the house, is pregnant. Are your suspicions the same as Goitse's or do you think she is just teasing?

11:15 - As Tayo was busy frying fish,  the pan just fired up! Does the Nigerian model know what he is doing?

10:48 - Trezagah and Mr. 265 are hard at work outside, lifting weights.

10:30 - Breakfast is ready for those in the kitchen. Butterphly and Samantha are still in bed.

10:15 - JJ is in the kitchen preparing what looks to be a hearty breakfast. Nhlanhla, Idris and Ellah hang around in anticipation for a helping.

10:00 - Idris is looking rather edible after the hair-cut, even Mr. 265 thinks so!

09:50 - Biggie is playing music in the house. Trezagah and JJ's songs are played. Ellah dances and repeatedly shouts out that she misses Kacey Moore.

09:43 - Mr. 265 is seated on Butterphly's bed and watches her wake up. He then offers to change her batteries.

09:30 - Tayo is up, singing and greeting the rest of the housemates. He then starts tidying up and packing his clothes.

09:20 - Biggie has announced that the storeroom is open for the linen to be sent in. Idris wakes up some of the housemates to tell them to take their linen in.

09:10 - Ellah tells M'am Bea about her dream and the Ghanian lady asks if she had prayed about the situation... What happened to the interpretation?

09:00 - Ellah tells Idris that she had a dream of a frog and a snake and thought to ask M'am Bea what it meant as she believed that she had the wisdom to interpret such dreams.

08:50 - Idris and Ellah finally wake up and enjoy a chat in bed.

08:40 - The hair stylists are in the house. Mr. 265 rouses the nominees to go get their hair done. Macky2 is first to settle in a chair and Goitse soon joins him.

08:30 - Mr. 265 clearly loved Alusa. He shouts, "Alusa-sa-sa-sa...", in the kitchen as he continues to wash the dishes.

08:10 - Idris and Ellah are still in each other's arms, sleeping.

08:00 - Early risers M'am Bea and Mr. 265 clean the kitchen.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)

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