Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Live Updates: Day 45

20:20 - The exes plot how they can continue messing with the Hotshots' minds.

19:53 -
Biggie says housemates have won the 100% wager, the storeroom is opened and the party begins.

19:25 -
The task begins with Macky2 announcing all the different circus acts.

19:06 -
Housemates are dressed up and ready to go for their Circus and Magic Show.

18:00 -
Uti suggests that Biggie have a fake eviction on Sunday night. Elikem talks about his slip with saying "I am leaving in a week." He had decided on a tactic with Uti of going up for a "voluntary eviction." He feels that the housemates are a bit slow at working on their tasks. He feels they are too chilled and lazy.

17:37 -
Leonel feels that the housemates are lazy. He feels that he got under Nhlanhla and Ellah's skin. He suggests that Biggie supply cocktails for tonight,. "They need to enjoy our stay."
17:15 - Denzel is in the diary room. He is is usual crass self. He likes the look of Goitse.

17:06 -
A relaxed Trezagah is in the diary room. Biggie compliments Trezagah on how his English has improved.

16:43 -
Macky2 is happy with how the presentation is going. "It's not as bad as I thought it would be." he says of the new housemates. "I'd rather compete with them and learn nicely rather than playing the game dirty." He explains the origins of the 2 in his name.

16:30 -
Tayo is in for his Biggie session. He prefers the house now. He sidesteps the question of who is the alpha male in the house. He finds Elikem is too light, he mentions Luclay as someone who is possibly trying to topple him.

16:19 -
Luclay requests an off air session with Biggie. He is getting on with the guys mostly, but he feels they do have their guard up. He feels that the Hotshots should lighten up a bit.

16:12 -
Sulu is in the diary room. He is enjoying the house but "there's been too much rehearsals." He gives a shout out to Africa.

16:08 -
Practise, practise, practise, 100% wager is up for grabs.

15:47 -
Idris is on his back in the diary room. He discusses Ellah and he is going to carry on helping her. He discusses chatting to Goitse, "let it be done." "I love the new housemates, by the way."

15:20 -
Natasha is chilled today and observing what is happening. Luclay and her have a plan to confuse Sipe and Goitse and also to put Idris on the spot.

15:07 -
Goitse is very happy she won the selfie task, she has her mojo back. She feels that the mood in the house is calm. She discusses the party last night and is glad that Biggie took the alcohol away before it got out of hand.

14:44 - The store room is opened, housemates have been provided with costumes for their presentation later today.

14:15 -
Butterphly feels like the exes are acting like divas.

14:13 -
Nhlanhla mentions that he is the King and Sheillah is the Queen. He feels that it is a very good partnership but that the punishment is affecting his game.

13:55 -
Sheillah and Nhlanhla enter the diary room. Nhlanhla is asked to unclip and wait outside. Sheillah says that Ellah is cracking with Vimbai being on her case.

13:50 -
Feza says she has not achieved her objectives yet. She is helping with causing havoc but she feels bad after she has made friends with Macky2. She has the softest spot for Idris. She has a soft spot for Tayo as well. She feels that the Hotshots are working hard for their task.

13:42 -
M'am Bea tells Biggie that she's enjoying working with the housemates and is finding them encouraging and supportive. She is sticking to what she is comfortable with the task tonight. She feels there are two groups forming in the house.

13:35 -
Vimbai in the diary room, she says Uti is her favourite ex-housemate and inspires her as he has done really well. She likes Idris, Tayo is her favorite and she wants him to win.

12:43 - Biggie announces Goitse as the winner of the Tecno Phantom Z selfie task. Her prize is a Tecno Phantom Z smartphone.

12:35  -
The guests leave the house.

11:47  -
Nick explains to Macky2 about being the Ring Master, he tells him to own his role.

11:34 - Housemates are told to make their way to the garden. They meet up with Jacky and Nick, the circus performance mentors for the day. They are shown Poi Dancing and stick juggling as well as a whole host of new tricks.
10:49 -
Housemates are told to remain indoors and close the front doors securely until further notice.

10:37 - The housemates go indoors while HoH Sheillah is called to the diary room, Nhlanhla tags along.

10:30 -
Housemates mingle in the garden, Elikem dances for Vimbai.

10:25 -
The siren goes off and all housemates run to the garden, Elikem straight from the shower also has to join the rest outside.

09:45 - Feza makes breakfast as she chats to country mate Idris.

09:40 - Denzel has woken up and is now making breakfast in the kitchen. JJ praises him for being able to maintain his game with a unique image.

09:27 - JJ tells Macky2 and Idris that he's no going to allow people to put him down in any way because they've been on TV before, stressing that they are on the same show. They criticise Vimbai for being a gold digger and overall rude girl who believes she has the right to call everyone to order.

09:02 - Clint's session ends, he applauds housemates for the way they've grown as far as acting is concerned and advises them to stay positive as he exits the house.

08:40 - Idris and JJ take to the stage.

08:30 - The morning session is underway, Ellah and Tayo act out a scene.

08:22 - Miss P smokes a cigar.

08:05 - Clint Brink enters the house to help housemates improve their acting skills and develop a comfortable professional presence on stage, he introduces himself to the ex-housemates.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)



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  7. who do you think you? a piece of shit- that was tayo referring to Miss P- what a boy? provoked, yes he was, but does it justify all the irrelevants he said? not at all, that is not an act it is a real life situation, tayo tayo tayo- no fit to be a representative nigeria and africa at large

  8. Please keep your comments to your self, Tayo is not like the other housemates who are stiff like stones. This is reality show and he's not afraid to show his feeling, its real entertainment that he's given Africa. So stuff your comments.........Are you mad or must be mad!!!!