Thursday, November 20, 2014

Live Updates: Day 46

19:45 - Housemates start recording their songs for the Channel O #TIA task.
17:40 - The exes laugh at Trezagah for not knowing what #TIA means.

17:15 -
Tayo enjoys a massage from M'am Bea.

16:45 -
Ellah is getting Denzel into shape and the pair get their act together for and start rehearsing their song.

16:30 -
Natasha joins Leonel and Goitse for a group selfie.

16:16 -
Tayo comes up with a catchy tune for Uganda.

15:43 - HoH Sheillah and Elikem read out today's task briefs. First is a schedule for their time in the recording studio for the Channel O #TIA task and a brief of the continuation of their selfie task.

15:25 - Idris tells Goitse and Nhlanhla that there is a lot to learn from the ex-housemates. He and Goitse seem to be back to "civilville" with each other again.

15:10 -
Sheillah cannot stop singing Elikem's praises.

14:50 - Denzel is busy massaging Sipe's legs. She says it's too sweet. 

14:24 - Biggie calls Nhlahhla and Sheillah to the diary room, he tells them that their punishment is over, much to their excitement.

14:18 -
During her diary session Feza tells Biggie that she suspects that Macky2 has a crush on her and is willing to exploit that.

14:03 -
Goitse mentions that she is confident about Sunday.

13:47 -
Vimbai tells Biggie about her altercation with Butterphly and admits that while they're on a mission to stir the pot, it was not necessary not to break people characters.

13:28 -
Sipe says that the ex-housemates keep telling them that they are boring but that isnt the case. She also feels irrespective of Vimbai's fights with other housemates, she's a cool person.

13:02 - Sulu tells Biggie that he overheard some of the Hotshots girls were gossiping about them last night.

12:15 -
Uti rebukes social network imitators in his diary session.

12:30 -
Elikem, the man of the moment, tells Biggie he is proud to have his designs worn by the housemates.

11:53 -
Sheillah feels happy today and is trying to deal with negative energies. She is proud of being able to keep her cool.

11:45 - Nhlanhla says Vimbai is getting on the girls' nerves and loves drama.

11:40 -
Tayo calls Uti the big fish as regards his leaving or staying in the game come Sunday.

11:29 -
Leonel says Hotshots are too serious and need to loosen up.

11:10 -
Idris in the diary room, he says Butterphly and Ellah are perturbed by the way he mingles with other housemates thereby "abandoning" them.

11:05 -
Sipe and Natasha go through their song. 

11:04 - Trezagah tells Biggie he is proud to be representing the many colours of Africa through Elikem's designs. He says he didn't expect them to win the wager.

10:50 -
Diary sessions start early today with Luclay, he says he's having fun in the house with the others.

10:26 - Ellah, Idris and Butterphly still in the bedroom. Ellah applies makeup.

10:04 - Housemates are told to take their task props to the store room.

09:49 - M'am Bea reminds Elikem that they need to polish their song.

09:48 - Housemates are cautioned about wearing the mics correctly.

09:47 - Ellah gives JJ ahug, the Zim boy is in bed.

09:45 - Sulu chats to country man Macky2. The other boys get ready for the day ahead.

09:39 - Ellah asks Trezagah how phrases "I love you, This is crazy and This is beautiful" are said in Portuguese.

09:38 - Ellah turns to Sulu and massages his legs. If it's not pleasure then it must be pain going by the sound the Zambian ex-housemate is letting out as Ellah goes on with her duty.

09:30 - Sulu shares with Ellah and Butterphly that he's traveled to most of his fellow former ex housemates’ countries though sometimes he foots his travel bills.

09:27 - Ellah is looking forward to party on Friday. She explains to Sulu how the weekend will be.

09:24 - Idris joins masseuse Ellah and playfully rubs JJ's back, he starts complaining.

09:22 - Ellah gives JJ a back massage.

09:15 - JJ lays his bed, that warning from Figgie must still be fresh in housemates' minds.

09:09 - Sheillah and partner in crime Nhlanhla are in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

09:04 - M'am Bea continues with the cleaning in the kitchen.

09:02 - Tayo sings Permithias' song "Do wake me up, if you see me fall.."

08:50 - The exercise session ends, Sulu chats up a storm with Feza outside.

08:39 - The boys work out with the weights.

08:25 - Elikem is a morale booster of sorts, encouraging others during the work out. Is he the "Assistant Instructor?"

08:20 - The exercise session is on in the garden with Instructor Mamo helping the housemates let out a little sweat, just what they needed after the Wager victory last night.

08:15 - M'am Bea, Luclay and Trezagah bond in the kitchen.

08:00 - Biggie plays some loud music to wake up the sleepy heads, Butterphly adds another blanket.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)



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