Friday, November 21, 2014

Live Updates - Day 47

20:05 - The Jameson party starts. Housemates party away while taking selfies with the Phantom Z.

20:05 -
Denzel asks Sipe about thier relationship and what her feeling are towards Sunday's "eviction". She tells him she has no regrets and is happy to have come so far. She also adds that the exes coming into the house doesn't add up for her.

19:45 -
Sheillah seems to be pushing her own agendas during her diary session with Luclay. 

19:02 - During his diary session Natasha tells Uti continue playing his prank on the Hotshots and not to feel bad about it.

18:15 - Tayo has a session with Sheillah, Miss P and Goitse. Next up is Elikem interviewing the Ugandans, Ellah and Denzel.

17:27 -
The housemates have been instructed to do their own diary sessions in the bedroom.

16:50 - The boys clean the jacuzzi.

16:15 -
Nhlanhla and JJ are ranting again to Idris about the new housemates saying they are being given scripts in the diary room about which buttons to push.

15:45 -
The housemates resume the Tecno Phantom Z selfie task. They seem to be more excited about having the phone in their hands rather than actually taking any selfies.

14:51 - Nhlanhla and Idris talk about the fact that this is their territory.

13:40 -
Goitse chats to Sheillah, about Miss P saying that she is bad mouthing Sheillah. Botswana talking about Botswana.

13:22 - Tayo approaches a dejected Idris for a talk, he says he doesn't want to talk, Tayo tells him he was feeling the same way in the morning.

13:10 -
Ellah and Idris talk about their differences. She says he's been busy when she needed him this week.

12:57 -
Ellah tells the Hotshosts "Let's enjoy it. It's war."

12:54 -
Ellah shouts "Kacey, miss you!"

12:48 -
Sunday is definitely getting to Tayo's head, he continues to vent about the exes and how the house will be on fire.

12:11 -
Nhlanhla complains that people are taking over their space.

12:05 -
Idris and Vimbai kiss as he leaves the bedroom, she compliments his humor.

12:00 -
Vimbai asks Idris what happened to Ellah and whether he's still beefing with his girls. Idris says he's not.

11:57 -
Denzel and Miss P catch up in bed.

11:59 - Lunch preparations are in full swing.

11:18 - Biggie says Housemates can now return to the Big Brother house.

11:16 - Tayo says he prefers not to be taken to stage when evicted, he wants to go home straight away.

11:14 - Tayo says there's no body who can stand in his way as long as God is by his side.

11:08 - Tayo, Natasha talk about Biggie's plans to boost the show’s ratings.

11:04 - Elikem, Butterphly and Sheillah sing "My Redeemer".

10:58 - Tayo gets emotional and Natasha give him a hug.

10:32 - Macky2: "I know he has a plan." Sulu: "Who?" Macky2: "Biggie."

10:30 - Sulu says a human being can't be wrong all the time.

10:28 - Housemates are told to make their way to the garden and remain there until further notice.

10:25 - Tayo says he has family, friends and a son watching the show and therefore has to be mindful of what he does inside the house.

10:12 - Tayo chats with Denzel and Sulu outside.

10:05 - Nhlanhla and JJ wonder what the "Originals" are up to.

09:39 - Luclay and M'am Bea chat in the kitchen wondering how many people will be leaving come Sunday.

09:17 - JJ cleans the house whilst Leonel exercises.

09:03 - JJ complains about the exes, he says they hardly clean the house apart from Natasha.

08:35 - Feza and Macky2 bond, seems the Tanzanian ex-housemate's plan is moving on well.

*** All time CAT (GMT +2)


  1. Who does not have a family and friends watching the show? Take him home come Sunday he is missing them......shame

  2. Tayo smells his eviction next week. He feels guilty after insulting the whole Africa especially so called "Small Countries" Botswana, zambia, mozambique & malawi..shame upon u.

  3. Wha a celebration if that indeed happens.......I will now watch the show full time and not switch to another channel when shows himself in front of the camera.

  4. Instigator! When did he insult all those countries u mentioned? In case u don't knw Tayo is the real hotshot and a great entertainer! Stop watching like a zombie!

  5. Tayo the ultimate hotshot! whether he wins or not

  6. Don't mind them enemy of progress, when did tayo insult d so called small, my friend if u ar deaf u better visit d hospital so dat they can clean d dirty blocking ur hear 4rm hearing right ok

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  7. Tayo The Zombie

  8. Tayo too old for this game

  9. That tayo is not being fair to himself seriously he needs serious counselling his having an emotional break down. He keeps saying no shaking but his behaviour shows other wise. So sorry for the man I thought his bn told from tym to tym that the big brother house is a pressure cooker.

  10. whoeva u re dt is castigating tayo for reason(s) best known 2u, must remember dat wateva comes around, goes around. U hate him cos u ain't him. *in biggie's voice*

  11. Tayo for d mulla plus his so dem d craziest

  12. And like he said " No one can bring him down when God is 4 him" kapish?????? Tayo the Ultimate Hotshot! Ur acct is loaded already "Tayo continue Playing ur Game" in biggies vioce. HehehehEhehehehehehe. Haters pls kip making him popoular! He love u all. One love Africa!!!!!!!

  13. Tayo is too uptight,i think the prblm is dat he told himself dat de mani is his thats way he is getting paronoid.He shuld enjoy de game n if the mani is his,he wil get it.Africa is de judge
    .but i wouldnt like to win tho...

  14. Tayo has his flaws too nd dats cos he's human but 1 tin I like abt him is d fact dat he's been real 4rm day 1. He confronts issues not gng abt bad mouthing. Settles d issue nd friendship continues. He just calm his nerves nd play his game. Tayo d craziest.

  15. Pls people, must each comment have abTayo in it?! Aiii! I am tired

  16. Tayo the greatest, the hotshot, the craziest, ppl can stop talkn abt him!! Hes too much with God on his side!!

  17. And the craziest is.................. TAYOOOOOO!!

  18. This is just a bore....why do we have to read about Tayo...he is not the only one on the show.....they are so many other people with good characters who are representing their countries in a respectful way......whats up with this Tayo guy anyway........

  19. Tayo the craziest, hahahahahahahahaha

  20. Tayo the craziest, hahahahahahahahaha

  21. #Macky2thecraziest

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  23. #Macky2thecraziest!