Saturday, November 22, 2014

Live Updates: Day 48

20:30 - JJ completely loses his cool with Sulu.

20:08 -
Natasha breaks glasses and starts screaming angrily. The housemates pull out the rule book to see if she should be disqualified. Natasha, meanwhile, heads to the bedroom to giggle about it with Elikem.

19:45 -
Another food fight breaks out with Sulu yelling that he is hungry and wants to eat.

19:27 -
Nhlanhla and Sheillah try to iron out their problems and continue fretting about the game.

19:10 -
Sheillah announces that Big Brother will be introducing them to the Ghandour Pamper Suite, spoiling them with massages and treatments.

18:51 -
Vimbai is craving salmon, but is happy that at least her champagne cravings are indulged in the house.

18:37 -
Natasha mentors Nhlanhla about his relationship with Sheillah.

18:17 -
Uti and M'am Bea have an in-depth conversation.

17:51 -
The drinking games are moved outside.

17:27 -
Housemates start a verbal drinking game.

17:00 -
The fun does not stop!

16:10 -
Vimbai talks to Idris and JJ about ambition. The conversation is a serious one as they talk about what is important in relationship and different partners.What do you value most in a partner? Vimabi is all about an ambitious and hardworking man!

15:55 -
Natasha is complaining that the people cooking in the kitchen only cooked for groups of people and not the whole house. She told Luclay that she was hungry and had not eaten anything the whole day.
15:35 - Tayo is being silly! He asks Elikem if his mother is his fan since she watched the show.

15:20 -
Lunch is ready and plates are clearing fast!

15:05 -
M'am Bea has been awfully quiet today and we have often caught her bloozing. Could it be that her crush on Uti was consuming her? Speaking of Uti, where is he?

14:50 -
Tayo gives a shout out to his son and tells him to cry loudly and wake up the neighbours! Don't you think Tayo can be silly sometimes?

14:35 -
Elikem and Sheillah are teasing each other in the kitchen... Could there be something there on Sheillah's side?

14:20 -
The ladies are busy in the kitchen, cooking up a storm for the house!

14:05 -
Feza and Sulu gossip about the hotshots and how they will succeed in pranking them. Sulu makes sure that Feza doesn't tell Idris what his game looks like from the outside. Feza tells Sulu that she was not prepared for Macky2's revelation of him having feelings for her.

13:50 -
Tayo belts out a worship song right after he declares that he is blessed!

13:45 -
Tayo and Luclay really enjoy each other's company!

13:30 -
Sheillah does Sipe's make-up.

13:15 -
Tayo and Luclay are becoming good friends by the looks of things. The boys stay laughing when they are together!

13:00 -
Butterphly is shocked at the appearance of stretchmarks on her back...

12:45 -
Idris and Vimbai are having a bonding session. Vimbai isn't wanting to reveal much about herself and derails Idris with each personal question. What could she be hiding from Africa?

12:25 -
Feza has a clear soft spot for Idris! She always has a guiding word for him.

12:10 -
Tayo throws back his head in laughter when Luclay tells him that they (the exes) were told they were hotshots!

11:55 -
Sipe is hard at work witht the cleaning. Go girl!

11:40 -
Idris and Elikem are having fun teasing each other in the kitchen. Elikem tells Idris that he is hotter than him; that water evaporates when he pours it on him.

11:30 -
Nhlanhla is doing his laundry outside and talks to Idris and JJ whilst at it. Nhlanhla calls Sheillah all sorts of unpleasant names and declares that he doesn't care about about her. He also advises Idris not to take Goitse seriously because she was playing him. Shall we give it up for Nhlanhla the preacher?

11:00 - Idris and Goitse dance in the kitchen.

10:45 - Uti and Elikem eat from the same plate, the Nigerian says its "good food."

10:40 - Sheillah and Goitse do the dishes.

10:15 - M'am Bea complains that Miss P never cleans up yet she won't stop complaining about how unclean the house is.

10:10 - Leonel is on a cleaning spree this morning.

09:55 - Housemates make their way to the kitchen, breakfast must be on their minds.

09:49 - Ellah shares with Uti and Idris on how to treat a man nicely.

09:31 - Miss P and Nhlanhla relax outside.

09:14 - Idris and Ellah chat up in the garden.

09:10 - Macky2 joins Sipe, Sulu and Goitse. Sipe gets touchy-feely with the Zambian rapper.

09:08 - Sulu, Goitse and Sipe bond in the bedroom.

09:00 - The boys continue working out outside.

08:47 - The session ends as Botle leaves the house.

08:30 - Sheillah and M'am Bea talk about their huge butts.

08:15 - Ex-housemate Luclay opts to miss out on this one as he sits back and looks on.

08:00 - Exercise instructor Botle is in the house to take housemates in a boot camp session, Nhlanhla is the first to join her and helps in setting up outside as others also join in.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


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