Sunday, November 23, 2014

Live Updates: Day 49

22:28 - Totals nominations:
Trezagah - Automatic
Tayo - 4
Macky2 - 4
Sheillah - 3
Goitse - 3
Sipe - 3
Idris - 3
JJ - 2
Nhlanhla - 1
Butterphly - 1 

22:16 - Sipe nominates JJ and Goitse, Tayo nominates Macky2 and Idris, lastly Trezagah nominates Butterphly and Sipe. 

22:04 - M'am Bea nominates Goitse and Macky2, Nhlanhla nominates Macky2 and Idris, Sheillah nominates Idris and Sipe.

21:57 -  Idris nominates Sheillah and Tayo, JJ nominates Goitse and Sipe, Macky2 nominates Tayo and Nhlanhla.

21:45 - Nominations start: Butterphly nominates Sheillah and Macky2, Ellah nominates Tayo and Sheillah, Goitse nominates JJ and Tayo.

20:58 - Nhlanhla and Luclay's song wins the Channel O Hotshots #TIA task.

20:52 -
Big Brother says that all housemates are up for nomination this week and there was no immunity.

20:48 -
Biggie tells the hotshots to unfreeze and explains to them that, "This was a prank pulled on you by Big Brother and the ten departed ex-housemates." "Housemates, all Hotshot housemates are in the game and tonight, the game will continue."

20:40 - Biggie freezes the Hotshots and all the ex-housemates leave the house.

20:31 - Tayo, Sipe and Ellah are fakely evicted.

20:20 - Vimbai, Luclay and Feza are told to leave the house.

20:18 -
Last week's highlights are shown and the fake eviction starts.

20:06 - Highlights from last week's eviction are shown. Samantha and Mr. 265 were evicted.

19:05 -
IK on stage. Sipe is announced the winner of last week's star meter as the craziest housemate.

20:00 - South African Hip Hop artist, K.O kicks off the live show performing his hit 'Caracara' ft. Kid X.

19:45 - The live show starts in 15 minutes.

19:37 -
Elikem has his final diary session. He is also sad to leave as he felt he started to get comfortable and brought back memories.

19:28 -
Sulu is emotional in the diary room and expresses his love for Big Brother.

19:10 -
Sipe feels as if Goitse's true colours have come through and is not happy with her.

18:20 - Natasha tells Biggie that their mission has been a success. She feels like she does not want to go home but she knows she has to.

18:08 -
Leonel reckons that the housemates are a bit more motivated now that the exes have come into the house.

18:05 -
Trezagah finds Uti the strongest competition having won Big Brother Africa before.

17:42 -
Uti enjoyed playing his roles and has had a good and happy week. He feels like a proud dad and was happy to be able to mentor them. "It's been a very fulfilling week."

17:33 -
Tayo is emotional and has been angry about being "up for nomination." He has resigned himself to whatever happens tonight.

17:19 -
Denzel feels that he had misjudged some of the people in the house. He has found it to be harder than the last time he was in the house last year.

17:15 - Ellah says that she hopes Afica's voting patterns are in the hotshots' favour. She feels that Uti and Nhlanhla are her biggest competition.

16:52 -
A very hoarse and tired Luclay is in the diary room. He hopes that the hotshots learned something from the exes.

16:36 -
Vimbai felt that this past week has been a journey covering every emotion. She has loved the experience, she has "nothing but love" for all of the hotshots. She doesn't know who she wants to win, she loves them all.

16:29 -
JJ is not scared about going up against Vimbai and feels it has been a blessing to meet her and learn from her.

16:26 -
Butterphly says that she will miss Ellah the most (and Idris) and Sheillah the least, as she feels they just do not click, despite her trying hard. She is unwittingly prescient when she says "This is NOT my final diary session."

16:19 -
Butterphly is torn between the exes and the hotshots now that she has had a time to get to know them. She is taking the presence of the exes in a positive light.

16:06 -
Nhlanhla admits to being big fans of all of the exes and he is worried about perhaps leaving.

16:00 -
Miss P tells Biggie that she is very greatful for the opportunity to be back in the house, and she gives a shoutout to all her sponsors.

15:50 -
Nomination diary sessions start. Goitse tells Biggie that she is calm and confident about the live show tonight. She hopes to be in the house in the coming week and sites Elikem as her toughest competition.

15:20 - Biggie tells the housemates to pack their bags.

15:08  -
Natasha busies herself in the kitchen while the exes and rest of the hotshots relax in the garden.

14:56 -
Sipe and Leonel discuss how difficult the game is when you are in the house compared to being a viewer at home.

14:37 -
Sulu sings to Uti, Vimbai, JJ and co. They talk about music from the 90's.

14:23 -
Vimbai to Uti "Ah, Uti, you're finished after this game, you better win that money." They discuss Luclay "losing it"

13:35 - Luclay is called to the diary room but he says "I am not going! Who are you to call me to the diary room."

13:28 -
Luclay is still ranting, he is clearly trying to unsettle the Hotshots, he is appearing to "fight for his place"

13:15 -
Luclay still on a rant and JJ makes fun of him. He's certainly got the housemates frustrated.

13:00 -
Luclay shows us just why he's alter ego is called "Otono" as he rants about the house calling out everyone and everything without mentioning any names.

12:30 - Housemates can now leave the bedroom. Sipe is working on Natasha's hair.

12:18 - Biggie tells housemates to remain in the bedroom until further notice.
12:05 - Sheillah plaits Tayo's hair.

11:43 - Sipe tells Natasha that she is competition to the a lot of the Hotshots. Sheillah makes a last call for housemates to wrap up their shopping.

11:20 - Housemates take turns to do their usual Sunday morning shopping on the touch screen.

10:45 - Vimbai teases Idris again and asks him if she could book a slot next to him in his bed.

10:30 - Vimbai walks away from Idris after giving Idris yet another tounge lashing about his various dalliances in the house.

10:10 - Ellah and Feza share their time in the UK while M'am Bea and JJ prepare food in the kitchen. The housemates love for salt is too real.

09:53 - Natasha reveals that she was distraught, during The Chase season, when Feza was evicted; she says Feza herself almost fainted when she heard her name on the chopping block.

09:35 - As beauty queens Ellah and Sheillah tell of the ugly side of being a model while Luclay and Uti advice them alongside JJ not to let the fame trip them up. They have to get to work from the very moment they leave the house.

09:16 - Uti shares unsettling stories about the under belly of life as a celebrity. Luclay agrees that the wind fall of fame isn't always welcome.

09:00 - Ellah shares the Frankie debracle with the exes as they enjoy jovial conversation on a Sunday morning.

08:30 - Elikem gives Sheillah and Ellah some advice. They both share the fact that the have tried their best to live inside the house as they would on the outside.

** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. Didn't knw sheila is a beauty queen too..guess a plus size model of some sort! Gud 4 dem...

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  12. Sipe- now I know what you are really made of! Shame!! Backstabber!

  13. Idris that came to BBA with no cloth and shoes and always wore Tayo's shoes still has the effontery to nominate people bite the hands that fees them. Idris will pay for this dearly.

    1. Goitse and Sipe r going home zis coming Sunday. Subject to HoH

  14. Its good Ellah was not nominated. at least we are sure neither her nor the raggy Idris will win the money as the East African regional votes will be split at the final between the 2 of loving this nominations.

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