Monday, November 24, 2014

Live Updates: Day 50

20:36 - HoH Macky2 adds Ellah to the nomination list. Which means: Ellah, Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheillah, Sipe, Tayo and Trezagah are the eight housemates up for possible eviction this week.

20:32 -
Big Brother announces that; Goitse, Idris, JJ, Macky2, Sheillah, Sipe, Tayo and Trezagah. But Macky2 is safe as Head of House.
19:08 - Sipe is called to the diary room and awarded her Star Gift as the craziest housemate, as she walks out of the diary room with her gift Nhlanhla and Goitse cant hide their jealousy.

19:00 -
M'am Bea teaches Idris some Xhosa and Zulu song lyrics.

18:37 -
Sipe chats with Biggie about the topsy-turvy week of last week with the exes. She can now see why the exes were mean in the house. "Always expect the unexpected" Bigge tells Sipe. She feels that she hasn't changed much.

18:15 - Macky2 tells Biggie that he is happy to be Head of House at the time when he needed it most. Among the ex-housemates, he feels closest to Feza.

18:11 -
M'am Bea and Idris talk about her dad.

17:53 -
Goitse feels that the wager task of last week was a hi-light. She learned a lot from Leonel with capoeira. She feels that learning that the "whole thing was a prank" was a low-light. "You fell for it hook, line and sinker."

17:38 -
JJ tells Biggie his hi-lights and he feels that the exes are all amazing and gives a shoutout to all of them. He says that he suspected something was up during the fake eviction show last night.

17:34 -
Tayo discusses his experience with Uti in the house, and he says that he is pleased that he maintained his friendship with Uti.

17:03 - Idris, JJ, Nhlanhla and Trezagah chat up a storm at the kitchen.

16:40 -
Sheillah is excited for Macky2's win and is looking forward to what he's got this week.

16:34 -
Trezagah says he felt disappointed when Tayo and Ellah were "evicted" as he considers them strong players.

16:25 -
M'am Bea says she felt very emotional when her dad came to the house. She hopes to win the money so that she can provide for him, her mother and sister the best life can afford.

16:19 -
Tayo and Trezagah share a light moment outside.

16:00 -
Idris talks about his relationships with Goitse and Ellah with Biggie.

15:50 - Butterphly says she's happy for Macky2's HoH win because he had never won it before.

15:40 -
Diary sessions start with Nhlanhla, he says he was excited to see his little brother during the freeze task. That he misses him more now but he now feels energized for the remaining days of the game.

13:36 - Housemates decide to wager 100% for this week's master-chef task.

14:30 - HoH Macky2 is called to the diary room.

14:22 - Tayo says Biggie should not to bring his girlfriend or son. He mentions that he warned her before coming to the house, that he doesn't want her to be known before he is out of the house.

14:18 - M'am Bea's father enters the house during another freeze and gives her a word of encouragement. M'am Bea breaks down after the freeze.

14:03 - Biggie tells housemates to freeze. Nhlanhla's brother enters the house and tells him how proud they are of him. He then leaves the house and Biggie tells housemates to unfreeze.

13:26 - Macky2 wins and goes straight to the finale.

13:11 - The HoH task begins for the 3 finalists. It's a Payporte board-game.

12:46 - Biggie tells housemates that last week's extravaganza result has been disregarded and they will all be receiving messages from home. 

12:39 -
Big Brother feels being up for automatic nomination is no longer severe enough for those that break the freeze rules by moving. Henceforth, the punishment for any one housemate moving is going to be a team punishment. For any housemate that moves, Biggie will deduct USD10,000 from the USD300,000 prize money. If they all move at the same time, Biggie assures them that USD100,000 plus will be deducted from the prize money.

12:38 -
M'am Bea talks to Tayo about her crush, Uti.

12:26 - Biggie announces that JJ, Tayo and Macky2 will participate in the HoH task.

12:10 - The qualifier task is done, housemates talk about it in the lounge as they wait for the results.

11:51 - The Payporte sponsored task starts in the garden. It's a multiple choice quiz.

11:35 - Sheillah reads out the Head of House task qualifier. 3 housemates who win the qualifying round will participate in the final task.

10:44 - Housemates get dressed and ready for the day ahead.

10:13 -
Idris demands respect among fellow housemates.

09:55 - Ellah and Idris bond in the kitchen. He asks her whether she thinks he's playing with her feelings.

09:39 - Seems like Idris won't stop picking fights with Butterphly. Meanwhile, she goes about her ironing. She tells him to go kill himself.

09:27 - Nhlanhla and JJ clean the mirrors outside.

09:22 - Idris corners Butterphly as she showers and they get into an argument over last night's events.

09:07 - Goitse does the dishes.

09:02 - Nhlanhla calls out Sulu. Looks like the Zambia left a mark in the house.

09:00 - Hot water is availed and shower hour starts.

08:50 - Housemates relax after the voice session, the girls sit outside as the boys head inside the house.

08:46 - The morning session ends as the instructor exits the house.

08:20 - The vocal training session continues outside, Trezagah opts to skip this one.

07:50 - There's a a voice instructor in the house.

07:45 - Housemates start waking up one by one.

07:39 - HoH Sheillah is called to the diary room.

07:35 - Big Brother sounds the alarms to wake the sleepy hotshots.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. Macky 2222all the way

  2. the macky2 till the last day

  3. Vote tayo #tayo has it to win# naija is rite behind u

  4. Vote tayo #tayo has it to win# naija is rite behind u

  5. sheillah 4 de money

  6. vote macky 2 for talent, loyalty, maturity, calm and collected

  7. stupid and sexually starved Ella does not deserve the money. She has no morals

    1. jealousy frog feel it, she has to take the money to Uganda. imagine every hotshot wishes her the best, no one nominated her. Ella till day 63 with the grand prize!!!

    2. Ellah has stood the test of time. She is not like you.can you imagine you cannot sleep without a man scratching yo vv.leave Ellah alone.

    3. i wish ellah for the money!

  8. Guys relax, as am seeing it, this money may go to either mam bea or butterfly or even trezegah, The ones you think will not win it may eventually win it.

  9. Mr Jealousy frog feel it, Mind you Ellah is not going to win it as far as Idris is there. The it is now, it may go to South or West. The housemates did not strategise very well as this is the last week before the final week. The housemates nominated based on who they did not like instead of those that will be a stumbling block for them. She can only win if Idris is not there which is not likely.

  10. Macky 2 for the money!!!

  11. Macky 2 for the mula!!!!

  12. Dear All while i say big congratulations for Macky 2, I will like to differ in thinking that we should see it as Macky 2 has played to others strategy as this week is most crucial to get Africas' attention and vote as the vote this week could determine next week final vote. Macky 2 is at big risk. Watch OUT.

  13. I don't know why we are not straight forward. D only hotshots and entertainer in d house is Toyo without him in d house there will be no Bba pls no partial like last year, Toyo deserve d crown

  14. I think bba management should change dia voting system can U image Sipe winning most crazies,marky2 most funnies and we all knw dat Tayo deserves all dis prize haha bba mgt pls let d vote be in proportion of each region with d same number of representative east,west,south and north bcos some regions are ganging against smaller region and care is nt taken fake HM will emerge as winner dat is my observation

  15. Writing is on de wall..Macky 2...

  16. Idris, Idris and Idris !! I wish you all the best! I pray you don't go home this week!

  17. If idris n ella go.east africans will vote kudos macky 2 for being stupid choosing ella

  18. Southern africa is not winning.everyone in there is from south.i just pray idris doesnt go.if he goes we wil b voting tayo.

  19. Biased reporting....Goitse cudnt be bothered haibo!

  20. Dear All, I love ur rasonings. As Africans' let us wait to see how it plays out on Sunday. Who knows what Biggie has in mind as star gift has not fully proven the integrity we know about this yearly show (BBA). This week voting and retained HM in the house definitely will show the final b/4 final which MACKY 2 has lost out. He will only have the reminant (ZAMBIA) in the final week.

  21. Macky 2 for the money


  23. maky 2 your strategy was not on point,because a majority in the house are SADC,,meaning Tayo stands the chance

  24. This ella gal still has the chances of going to finals,,,,bse..rwanda,kenya,ghana and uganda will surely give her.she has broken the record,,,six times on the chopping block,, SOUTH AFRICA

  25. i like the Uganda beautiful oweewoooo guy.