Saturday, November 29, 2014

Live Updates: Day 55

21:00 - Housemates are enjoying drinks from Biggie's storeroom. It's a pleasant evening from the house!

20:45 -
Tayo dances up a storm on his own in the garden.

20:14 -
Team Diamond sets the stage on fire.
20:00 - The extravaganza starts with Team Fally on stage!

19:17 -
Housemates are dressing up and preparing for the Extravaganza.

19:03 - Idris is worried about his performance and says that he does not want to disappoint his people.

18:30 -
Teams rehearse for tonight's Extravaganza in the auditorium.

17:10 -
Macky2 tells Sipe to stop talking too much as she gets irked by her team's behaviour.

16:42 - Goiste wonders why it was her sister who came instead of her mother for her family freeze task.

16:20 -
Team Diamond seem to have their dance moves on lock down while Fally guides his team through an elelgant sequence. But their time is now up.

16:00 -
Fally Ipupa and Diamond gives their respective teams moves to dance their ditties to.

15:38 -
Ellah and Butterphly go over their song for the Music Video Extravaganza.

15:17 -
Butterphly is in the therapists chair as she and Ellah discuss issues of the conscience in the game.

15:00 -
Housemates talk about the upcoming Channel O Music Video Awards happening tonight.

14:35 -
Nhlanhla plays back a track from musician Diamond on the phone.

14:20 -
Nhlanhla wakes up a hungry lion as he prepares himself a mean sarmie with all of the trimmings.

13:10 -
Ellah and Idris at it again, bickering like a cute married couple.

12:55 -
M'am Bea toils over the dishes while others go through their music for the extravaganza.

12:40 - Macky2 helps Tayo and Idris lay down their rap verse and song for the 'music video extravaganza' tonight.

12:19 -
Ellah and Idris make up two minutes after their tiff.

12:15 -
Goitse and Sipe imagine how it may be for everyone's family and friends to get together in the house.

12:00 -
Idris storms off from the conversation after Ellah tells him to stop playing the victim when she was the one who recieved the backlash in thier situation.

11:46 -
Idris expresses his unhappiness about the fact that Ellah's mom told her to stop "kissing" clearly in reference to their relationship.

11:20 -
Ellah sends a shout out to her mom and family and says she's sorry for all her drinking to which M'am Bea responds "I'm sure she's proud of you".

11:04 -
Goistse and Sipe make plans to visit evicted housemates at the end of the show.

10:47 -
Goitse comforts her bestie Sipe who is emotional after seeing her mom.

10:31 - Lastly Sipe's mother also enters the house and gives her some words of encouragement. Sipe cries as soon as she leaves.

10:26 - Ellah's mother comes in for her message from home and gives her daughter some words of advice.

10:17 - Ellah tells JJ she's looking forward to a visit from her mother and so she didn't want her path to her to be obstructed.

10:05 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah discuss food - of course - as she tells him about her indigestion of the night before.

09:45 - Idris, Nhlanhla and Sheillah talk nature and evolution on various areas of the planets.

09:30 - Idris compliments Sipe on her eyes and she fans herself knowingly.

09:20 - Sipe and Macky2 share some intimate pillow talk.

09:00 - Ellah gives Idris a massage and M'am Bea joins in the fun.

08:10 - Reggie, the fitness instructor is in the house to take the housemates through another steaming workout.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. macky2 is the niqqa kopala boss.

  2. Idris till the end

  3. Idris,Ellah,Sheilla,Sipe,JJ pls pack ur load U have over stayed ur welcome.

  4. Tayo was really in the game,no pretense