Sunday, November 30, 2014

Live Updates: Day 56

20:45 - Sipe, Macky2, JJ, Butterphly, Idris, Tayo, Nhlanhla and M'am Bea are the top 8 housemates.
20:37 - Ellah and Goitse are also evicted.

20:25 - Sheillah and Trezagah chat with IK on stage about their time in the house.

20:20 - Sheillah and Trezagah are evicted from the Big Brother house.

20:19 - IK tells all the nominated housemates to stand.

20:18 - Macky2 reveals that he put up Ellah because he considers her to be strong competition.

20:13 - Highlights from the freeze task messages from home are shown.

20:10 - Sipe wins last week's star meter. She has what it takes to win!

20:05 - Last week's highlights ONE campaign highlights are shown.

20:04 -
The host IK introduces the show.

20:00 - The eviction show starts with a performance by Bebe Cool from Uganda.

19:37 -
Goitse tells Biggie that she has been entirely her in the house.

19:32 -
JJ has his nominations diary session, he says he has loved the entire experience and feels that it has been an amazing season. "Stay blessed."

19:07 -
Tayo has his nominations diary session, he apologizes to any women he has offended.

18:58 - Biggie is back and nomination diary sessions start for this week's nominees.

17:20 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah sleep in the living room, Butterphly is all bright and cheery.

16:40 -
Housemates enjoy M'am Bea's meal. Nhlanhla helps her clean up afterwards.

16:10 -
Idris tries to nap. Sipe, Trezagah, Tayo and M'am Bea chill out with a few glasses of wine as eviction hour looms.

15:56 -
Butterphly decorates Biggie's wall, Nhlanhla does his ironing and Ellah says the nerves are setting in.

15:24 - Ellah tries a few dance moves of her own in front of the mirror.

14:56 -
Butterphly heads to the kitchen to help with meal preparations. Macky2 washes dishes.

14:27 -
M'am Bea prepares lunch and Goitse helps out.

14:07 -
JJ and Idris start dancing as well.

13:43 -
Nhlanhla and Sheillah talk about housemates' dreams. Butterphly and Ellah chat with Tayo, who wants a massage.

13:24 - Housemates shop for their luxury items for the final week.

13:06 - Tayo starts dancing to the music.

12:49 - Figgie turns on the music for the housemates.

12:32 - Nhlanhla and Sheilla are still fast asleep.

12:14 - Idris asks Ellah and Butterphly's opinion of how he should wear his shirt.

11:58 - M'am Bea sings to herself as she washes the dishes.

11:42 - JJ does a few intense push-ups, while other housemates enjoy delicious-looking smoothies.

11:31 - Ellah tries to have a fashion show for Idris, as they contemplate their outfits for the eviction show.

11:07 - Housemates thank the stylists as they leave the house.

10:53 - Ellah carries on making digs at JJ, Nhlanhla and Idris and they tease her back. JJ tells her she must behave, because her mother is watching. 

10:30 - The tension rises as JJ, Nhlanhla, Idris and Ellah talk about the game and campaigning for votes.

10:14 - Sipe gets a new look and jokes around with Tayo.

09:45 - Ellah is awake and getting ready for the day.

09:29 - Idris joins the others in the salon to get his hair done.

09:13 - The rest of the housemates continue sleeping, while the nominees get their hair done. Goitse and Sipe contemplate colouring their hair.

08:49 - JJ, Sheillah and Goitse join Tayo in Big Brother's hair salon.

08:30 - Nominated housemates start getting their hair styled for tonight's eviction show. Tayo is first in the chair.

*** All times CAT (GTM +2)


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