Friday, November 14, 2014

Lost In Thought

On this sunny afternoon, after a week of rain, Goitse seemed downcast for most of the early afternoon. While the measured lass from Botswana was one for too much show and tell there was something a little amiss in her demeanour.

In the morning she took refuge in the garden, hid behind her sunglasses, kept to herself and also kept conversation to a minimal. Whether moping or troubled her eyes, we reckon, told a deeper tale of sadness. She sure got us wondering and maybe even worrying.

This was shaping up to be the toughest week that Goitse has ever faced inside the house being nominated for the first time since week one. This little fact was clawing away at her and keeping a dark cloud over her head. She could be seen mulling about the house aimlessly.

There was also the issue of Sipe. Ever since she woke up in another one of her detached moods on Tuesday morning and showed her bestie Sipe an ice-cold shoulder things were decidedly strained. In a precious diary session with spunky-funky Biggie, she revealed that Sipe seemed to be keeping a distance. But could she blame Sipe after the poor girl fumbled around in the dark trying to find the reason that her bestie had now shut her out?

Alas there was a rift between the pair and perhaps Goitse was starting to feel the cold with Sipe avoiding her like the plague. Sipe instead was spending more and more of her time with Macky2.

It's a good thing Biggie gave them the selfie task before sending One Campiagn ambassador and actor Desmond Elliot to uplift the housemates. This was certainly able to snap her out of her early morning funky, but we reckon what's swept under the carpet doesn't disappear and Goitse would be someone to watch out for over the next couple of days.


  1. Vote goitse relax gal u r safe love u leeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Goitse ur vote is coming straight from Nigeria... ;i love u so much.