Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love Doctor‎

As housemates continued playing drinking games, M'am Bea was very happy to get a chance to bond with her crush Uti, sidling up to him on the couch. While they were having an in-depth conversation, Natasha was taking over M'am Bea's motherly role and living up to her own nickname of "Mama Africa", dispensing advice to Nhlanhla about his mangled relationship with Sheillah.

Natasha advised him to approach Sheillah to discuss their  problems, and if they could not resolve things, he should walk away and go back once he had cooled down and was ready to talk again. Natasha was also not impressed with him running to JJ to talk about the problems every time, instead of talking directly to Sheillah.

Warming up to the topic, she reminded him that Sheillah is young and stubborn and he had to bear that in mind when dealing with her emotions. Sheillah, meanwhile, happily pranced up to them and placed her hand on Nhlanhla's shoulder. It did not look like she was letting the bad vibes affect her at all.

As Natasha moved away, Sheillah teasingly asked Nhlanhla if Natasha had been grilling him. Perhaps her happy mood will help them  patch things up. What do you think?

Her happy mood came after spending time with Miss P and Goitse in the garden, merrily tapping into their inner child as they hopped, skipped and jumped over a rope, playing mugusha . Leonel even joined with a few smooth moves of his own. Despite an undercurrent of tension, the mood is light and happy. Do you think it will remain or will things get a little crazy again?

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