Sunday, November 23, 2014

Luclay Flips Out

Luclay lost his jets and showered the housemates with tacit insults after breakfast this morning. He hurled abuses drenched in all the expletives he could muster up all because Biggie had asked him to wear his microphone. The instruction triggered a primal rage that had clearly been laying dormant inside him. It unleashed his alter ego "Otono" who was loosely based an alpha male no-nonsense Nigerian character.

He launched into a longwinded rant – or verbal diarrhea – about anything and everything on his mind. He then continued to challenge and refuse Biggie's every instruction summoning him to the diary room.

He had everything to say about how the Hotshots were way out of their depth in this game. To him they were an embarrassment who lacked what it took to win the prize money. In his speech he implied all sorts of things about the Hotshots, from his opinion of them being boring  to them being foolish and lazy players who failed to entertain Africa.

He's ranting and raving took a turn for the physical as he took his anger out on the Biggie's property. He shattered the mirror and kicked the walls over and over again. As he raised his voice and hurled even more profanities, not only was he scaring the poor Hotshots but the behaviour raised the ex-housemates' brows. Which part of the game was he this? Was he perhaps taking it too far or had he really lost the plot?

He eventually heeded Biggie's calls and took himself to the diary room. He remained in there for a longer time than usual. This raised everyone’s suspicions about whether Biggie had kicked him out. Either way "Otono" made it crystal, if insanely, clear that he was not to be crossed. We wonder if this had anything to do with his altercation with Goitse.

You either loved the guy or hated him. What a way to go out!


  1. Luclay's time is up he needs to go home

  2. If he was an entertainment himself,why didnt he win?...Biggie let him just leave

  3. He didnt win cos he was cheated the prize and hes still hurting. I understand, he couldnt unleash the last time cos it was eviction already