Monday, November 03, 2014

Macky2 Collects His Gift

From the on going 'Star Meter' where the Big Brother Africa fans reward their favourite Hotshots basing on their characters, Macky2 is last week's chosen one.

Africa has spoken, and Africa has said that Macky2 from Zambia is the sneakiest among the housemates. The rapper was the  most talked about housemate across the social media sites last week and it is no surprise that he was the winner. Two weeks ago Big Brother introduced the Star Meter, in which each week a question will be asked on the Big Brother official website and the housemate who is spoken about the most wins a special gift from you, the fans. Since the inception of this amazing activity, it has been Nigeria's Tayo winning after taking the two consecutive star rewards.

With last week's question being, which housemate is the sneakiest, the fans decided to reward Macky2. He has this evening been rewarded with his package that had some goodies  which he shared with fellow Housemates. Housemates were happy to see another gift popping in from the fans though this time to another housemates besides Tayo. The truth remains that despite the fact that some receive and others witness, they hardly know for which they are being rewarded. And questions are still running into their minds.

This week's Star Meter question is: Which Big Brother Hotshots housemate is the Laziest?


  1. Who else than Batafly and trezager.

  2. Trezeger routine is either drinking, eating or seating like a boss on the sofas.

    1. He's definitely going home this sunday...

  3. Trezeger is lazy..

  4. butterfly is soo mlazy, always sleeping n eating