Thursday, November 06, 2014

Matters Of Trust

Taking it easy, Samantha and Idris tucked themselves away into a corner for a chat. She was upset about the "funny looks" he and JJ had been giving one another when she was around. Idris assured her they were friends and she confessed she trusted him above all others. She added that she would never speak about him behind his back, like she claimed other people did, saying Tayo had called him stupid. 

Idris, however, was not fazed and huffed and puffed about his frustration with Ellah instead, offended over the way she had treated him the night before. Having tried to console her, she did nothing more than tell him off. Samantha told him to go easy on her, because she had been drunk, but he said that was no excuse – he was tired of taking care of people who only gave him a hard time in return. Samantha pointed out "the less we become, the more drama there is."

Macky2 and Butterphly joined the conversation and it steered dangerously into the wrong territory as they spoke about nominations, but they managed to avoid the pitfall of breaking Biggie's rules. They lamented the hard time people gave Frankie, saying they thought he was such a chilled person. Was last night's incident between Ellah and Frankie still on their mind?

A new term also cropped up, as Butterphly referred to "the untouchables", explaining that they were the people in the house who could do anything wrong without being held accountable. Idris, she felt, was often used as a scapegoat. She did not name any names though.


  1. Sammy is poisioning everyone to Idris...How do u tel Idris Tayo said hes stuoid....rily?? Even if you are best of friends...somethings you let go of!

  2. its true that Mr 265 is asking for a dinner for two with Ellah then he must go home, Zimbabwe lets not vote for hin because is playung around with our sister Butty Go home 265 (une makuhwa) and you dont deserve Our Butterflyf i

  3. Mr 265 is a gossiper and is using ladies in the house, he must go home