Saturday, November 01, 2014

Meaning Business

The business of the day was mainly the Extravaganza. The day started off slow as housemates did not easily wake up to the morning's activity. After breakfast was served and done, JJ called upon everyone to take part in the cleaning. Whilst only a few housemates took to the cleaning outside, JJ stated that the hotshots remaining in the house would clean inside. When that too was done, Ellah initiated the day's practice of the Extravaganza and soon got her team got working on their final product.

Ellah had conveyed her worry of when they would get cracking on their tasks as it had been late morning already. JJ was not letting housemates get away with not taking part in the cleaning of the house. The most part of the morning, after the exercise with Nico, was spent cleaning up and mending the garden and cleaning the house. Housemates went about busily, washing dishes, mopping the floor, watering the flowers and picking up litter. With all (with the exception of a few) the housemates working together, the job was done.

Ellah called out to her group and advised that they get started on their practice as they still had quite a bit to do. Some housemates were finishing off a late breakfast and the Ugandan princess impatiently waited as her team (Team B) gathered up and the other team (Team A) left the house to go outside where they would hold their practice session. Soon both groups had gathered and began their practice on the Extravaganza. Team A seemed to be getting ahead with a complete script and Butterphly was clearly executing her role well and enjoying it.

Show time continued to draw nearer and we kept watching and wondering who would win this week's Extravaganza.  

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