Friday, November 21, 2014

Mic Check

Yesterday could have easily been described as colourful with the number of rich colours that filled the house. When housemates had showered in the morning, most happily dressed in Elikem's designed clothing. The items of clothing could not have been presented at any better time as the housemates had the Channel O "Hotshots Best #TIA track" task. It was a true celebration of Africa and all it had to offer!

The highlight of Day 46 had to be the recordings of the tracks that the housemates put together about the countries still represented in the house. The task also brought countrymates closer to each other (even if only for a short while) as they had to ensure a song that stood out from the rest in order to win a trip to the country they picked to do a song on.

Housemates had a blast with the task – after their recordings they took selfies and left messages for Africa. Everything was heart-warming and the commitment to the task was visible.

After the task was over, housemates sat around and engaged each other in conversation. But it was not long until Vimbai was at it again. The Zimbabwean was clearly on a mission in Biggie's house and between all the exes, she seemed like the only one that was effective in disturbing the peace amongst the Hotshots. In the wee hours of the morning, she started on Nhlanhla and went on to tell JJ that Nhlanhla had told her some awful things that he had said about her.

The house soon went back to normal (as it always does) with loud conversation emanating from all corners. Some housemates went to bed while others stayed up late for more conversation and bonding. It was a good day regardless of the drama that never ceased to surface. A bit of colour added a positive impact on the lives of the housemates!

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