Thursday, November 06, 2014

Midnight Drama

After the Wednesday night presentation, housemates consumed the ice-cream that Biggie had left for them in the storeroom and did not allow for the bottles of alcohol to remain unopened. The ladies consumed so much alcohol and unfortunately, it ended up consuming them by the looks of things. A fight erupted in the kitchen that resulted in Sipe being carried off to her bed.

Sipe, Goitse and Ellah were happily gulping down wine and soon became a little more chattery and loud. Ellah became brave and told Frankie that she was offended when he sang a song declaring his love for her during the task presentation. She said that it would have been better if he had told her in person and not go and sing about it.

The chirpy Sipe joined in on the conversation, challenging Frankie to declare his feelings for Ellah if he had any or to say whatever he had to say to her. Poor Frankie felt awkward as Mr. 265, Goitse and other housemates put pressure of Frankie to declare something to Ellah.

Ellah wasn't being easy on Frankie either. She kept on "encouraging" him to be a man and say what he had to say. Trezagah came to Frankie's rescue by shouting that no one could force him to talk and advised him not to feel pressured by the ladies and Mr. 265.

The situation took a rather serious turn when Sipe was getting on Frankie's nerves. Insults flew in the air and one could have sworn someone would receive a back hand! When things were getting really heated up, Mr. 265 lifted Sipe up and took her away from the scene. Ellah stayed shouting and cursing at Frankie and the Rwandese gent did not take it lying down as he flung back his share of insults.

The ladies clearly had a little too much to drink and although Frankie was advised by Samantha to apologise in the morning, we wait to see if the girls will recall anything of the evening. Frankie was definitely put on the spot there as he was literally forced to confess having feelings for Ellah.

What a way to end a laughter-filled evening!


  1. This girls drink too much..they need to slow down..

  2. Luv me sum drunk Sipeeeeeee hahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Africa dont you pay for drama
    Such that you have some thing to talk about.or you would rather have housemates sleep

    1. Thank you.....people want to subscribe to watch Butterfly sleep....or MamBea nd Mr 265 cleaning!! Aaaaaarggggghhh! We want triangles...drunk Sipe...Hard to get and drama queen Goitse...Flirtatious Ellah..... Out Samantha.... Out Mambea!...I like Butty Butty though!

  4. Kayce Mooer has been denying us drama!

  5. Siphel is a very troublesome in

  6. When somebody drinks, he/she brings out what is inside her/him, so under influence of alcohol we truely know who they are, assume you mary somebody like Sipe..can you handle her? Especially when drunk! Unless you have a big body like 265!!!!!!