Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mission Accomplished

From the moment the ex-housemates walked through Big Brother's doors they delivered each and every punch line known to man. As their righteous reign comes to an end tonight we pull out their ex-files and evaluate their performance. Did they accomplish their mission or did they fall flat on their faces on contact? We're certainly leaning more to the former.

Little did the Hotshots know that it was all part of a character shaping exercise to strip them down to their barest and most vulnerable emotions and to see if they would break down or build themselves up. Housemates had no way of knowing what kind of game was being pulled on them let alone that the exes were all a big fat prank.

Her highness Vimbai went beyond the call of duty in her mission. In the war zone that her and her fellow exes were called to create Ellah and Butterphly were certainly her casualties. She had pierced Ellah's beauty queen fa├žade and punched the personality out Butterphly by taking cheap shots out at her personal life.

Leonel and Miss P took a more outright and public approach as they ran about the house causing havoc and being generally unruly. They tried every which way to illicit a reaction out of the housemates. All they really ended up doing was wounding poor Butterphly's ear and puking on an irritated Ellah. This was about as far as they got with measly attempts here and there.

Uti's presence had already been hyped by Hotshots as competition for Tayo (which also wracked his emotions) but Uti's strategy was measured and less hostile. Mostly Hotshots viewed him and Elikem as role models as celebrities who were doing well on the outside. So theirs became more of a mentoring role with Sheillah looking up to Elikem and most of the boys inspired by Uti.

Natasha kept to brief never revealing their mission and tastefully instilling fear in the housemates. She always reminded them – and image-conscious Sipe in particular - that they should stop being so aware of the camera and be themselves.

Feza on the other, bless her pure heart, seemed not to have it in her and it was that simple. After playing agony aunty to the now defunked Goidris she struggled to be mean to him. There were rumours that she may have even let word of their secret mission slip. Well at least her soft-spoken ways caught a certain Macky2's attention who clearly took a liking to her.

Luclay was like a ticking time bomb which had gone off towards the close of their reign. After his altercation with Goitse his alter-ego "Otono" was unleashed. From last night's crying to this morning's infamous rant, where he called out behaviour that he reckoned was not worthy of the game, Luclay's strategy was quite outlandish. His solo spurts had a way of creeping under their skin, especially because for such a passionate rant, he was not mentioning any names.

Do you believe it's a mission accomplished by the ex-heavyweights?