Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mom Bea

It's now clear that one of M'am Bea's areas of strength in the house was nurturing. Like a mother hen, she is always offering a helping hand here, clearing after some or other persons mess or simply laying her healing hand for those much needed positive vibes. If she isn't lending a hand, it most certainly is an ear.

But is it all really that simple? Was her frequent massaging of Tayo's back innocent or was there a little more of ego massaging going on there? It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell.

This morning she was once again spotted lending another helping hand but this time around not as Tayo's masseuse, but as Idris' barber. She stood over this week's Head of House and smeared a mound of shaving cream onto his tresses. She then took much care in washing the cream off under at tap and kneading the conditioner in with the utmost of tender love and care.

She is also often the resident agony aunt sharing her pearls of wisdom and sealing it off with an uplifting pep talk. She is there to calm JJ down when he, as he often does, let his insecurities about eviction run wild. He also nestled a troubled Ellah in her embrace after nominations were announced this week.

We wonder, could all the caring, nurturing, counselling and nestling be part of a strategy rooted in some form of reverse psychology? After all M'am Bea isn't immune from playing the game herself as a housemate. What do you think?

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